The Fast-Fashion Sweep: 5 Fire Looks We Just Found at Our Local Mango

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Welcome to The Fast Fashion Sweep, where our editors will make the rounds at three of our favorite affordable stores and share the hero picks that look as good IRL as they do online. We’re continuing the series with Mango, but tune in for our download on the best picks from Zara and H&M, too.

For this iteration of The Fast-Fashion Sweep, I decided it was time to switch things up a bit. Instead of styling myself, I thought it would be fun to style our amazing community manager, Jasmine Fox-Suliaman. Together, we ventured downtown into the craze (and heat) of New York to scope out our local Mango. Since Mango isn't a super-common brick-and-mortar store, we figured we'd give you all a detailed look at what some of the best Mango product actually looks like IRL. 

Styling Jasmine was a piece of cake because, I mean, look at her, but if I am being honest, the product selection at our Mango was what had me struggling. This shopping trip had me fully assured that if you like Mango, online is your best bet for the newest, more elevated products. However, we made do and churned out some pretty fire looks if we do say so ourselves.

Thanks to Jasmine's modeling skills and willingness to let me hijack her life for a bit, we have a very well-curated roundup of the best Mango products that look even better in real life and on real bodies than they do online. Just scroll ahead, you'll see what we mean. 

1. The Perfect White Dress

"I love a minimal summer dress, and this one from Mango is BEYOND soft. Honestly, I would have never thought to add the belt, but I'm here for it especially since chain accessories will continue to be big this fall. I’d consider this the perfect look for galavanting around the city." — Jasmine 

"Jasmine fell in love with this dress the second we walked into the store. On the hanger, it looked a bit plain, but with these fire accessories, the dress really came to life and proved it would be a versatile staple in any woman's wardrobe." — Lauren 

2. Poppin' Accessories

"I live for interesting bags, and this bag from Mango is no exception. It not only screams summer, but it’s an interesting piece that is easy to pair with any look, plus it isn’t a mini bag so you can stuff all your essentials in, and head out. These shoes are to die for. While square-toe shoes have many people in their feelings, I was feeling these. Not only were they comfortable, but I love a colorful shoe and felt giddy thinking about all the interesting ways I could style them." — Jasmine

"I am all for a weird bag and colorful shoe situation, but I know that's a look that's certainly not for everyone, which is why for Jasmine, we went with a shoe that had some color but still felt neutral enough. The bag looks sort of like a home décor find but in the best way. Because who needs another basic straw bag anyways?" — Lauren 

"When I saw this dress on the rack, my heart went into palpitations. Sweaterdresses, to me, are the best dresses. For Mango, this felt like one of our best finds of the day—it felt far more designer than any of the other pieces and is a staple that can be worn in the transition from summer to fall easily." — Jasmine 

"Knit dresses are another great wardrobe staple that you'll be able to repeat for seasons to come. Throw on some funky accessories and even the most 'boring' of shades instantly comes to life." — Lauren 

3. The Pant Virgin

"Any of my friends know that I have a hostile relationship with pants—rarely do I wear them (more like never) and rarely do I find pairs that fit or that I like on my body. But Lauren insisted I try these on, and I didn’t hate them. Is that progress? Will Mango open me up to the world of pants? Only time will tell." — Jasmine 

"I wear pants all the time (as evidenced in this photo) so when Jasmine was hesitant to try on an easy (in my mind) relaxed white jean, I was confused. I lovingly encouraged her to try them on with a fun knit tank and the shoes she loved, and I think she was pleasantly surprised. In other words, if you're looking for a nice pair of white jeans, a serial pant hater didn't hate these, so I'd say they're a safe bet. PS: Don't mind me crashing Jasmine's fitting room sesh." — Lauren 

4. All-Purpose Mini

"I imagine that this dress is what I’d wear if I was living my hot girl summer, as it can be worn on vacation, to brunch, to a date—really any activity where you look great and are living your best life. Furthermore, the bag is a great Staud dupe if your hot girl summer also includes balling on a budget." — Jasmine

"Having a printed minidress like this always proves to be the gift that keeps on giving. As Jasmine said, you can wear this frock for multiple occasions, dress it up or down, and you're guaranteed it won't go out of style. I would say that's a win, win, win." — Lauren 

"I will admit that these black sandals they have been in my cart for months, but I was hesitant on jumping the gun on them until I tried them on IRL. Nothing can really beat the functionality of a black sandal, but pair that with a lace-up situation and a structural heel and I’m deceased." — Jasmine 

"I am a sucked for a floss-like strappy sandal. Even though summer is almost over, I personally plan to wear mine tied over pant hems (like this) during the fall season and with midi dresses as long as the weather allows." — Lauren 

5. Short Story

"If I were going on a safari, I’d wear this, but it can also be worn to shop a flea market. I was surprised that I enjoyed the way the shorts fit my curves. As someone who struggles with bottoms, it was nice to find crisp linen shorts that fit both my tiny waist and large hips and still managed to be cute."—Jasmine 

"High-rise loose shorts are where it's at. They tend to look great on a variety of body types, and this pair proved to be quite versatile thanks to the removable belt." — Lauren 

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