These 6 Makeup Cheat Codes Make You Look 10 Times Better in Photos


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Be honest: How many selfies are cluttering up your camera roll right now? If you're like us, then the number is probably pretty high. No judgement! It's a weird time right now, and there's no shame in snapping a selfie or 50 now and then. As participants in an increasingly digital society, there's really no avoiding being on camera whether it's to document our loungewear du jour, or to log into a virtual meeting with our teams as some of us settle into a work-from-home arrangement.

While professional photoshoots won't be happening anytime soon, the amount of on-camera interfacing we're all partaking in has reached an all-time high. All this face time has us thinking about the daily makeup habits that need to shift right now if we want to look our best in every photographic circumstance. To help, we called in makeup artist and photographer Jordan Liberty, who not only knows exactly what looks best on camera but also how to achieve it.

Ahead, check out Liberty's expert tips for putting your best face forward in photos—whether in professional pics, iPhone selfies, or when you just want to step it up for your next virtual meeting.

Cheat Code #6: Focus on Reducing Skin Texture


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Cheat Code #5: Use Highlighter and Blush Instead of a Heavy Contour

Cheat Code #5: Re-Think Your Skin Prep

Step 1: Moisturizer

Step 2: SPF

Step 3: Translucent Powder

Step 4: Setting Spray

Step 5: Primer

Step 6: Foundation

Step 7: Concealer


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Cheat Code #4: Bump Up the Color

Cheat Code #3: Keep Your Lips Glossy

Cheat Code #2: Soften Your Lashes and Brows


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Cheat Code #1: Play Up the Eyes

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