22 Luxury Buys Fashion Editors Will Stand By Forever

Investing in a luxury piece can bring up a lot of emotions: pride, excitement, nervousness, anxiety… Anything is possible when you're about to spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands on what—at the end of the day—is a fashion item. Of course, that doesn't mean you should be deterred. 

As long as you're spending within your means, have done your research, and feel that your purchase will—as they say—spark joy, we say go for it. And if you're currently mulling something over and want to know what pieces and brands fashion editors stand by from personal experience, I've got you covered. I recently tapped our team to spill on the investment pieces they spent big on without any regret and as always, they delivered.

From jewelry and handbags to outerwear and more, just keep scrolling to see what splurges they're standing by forever and shop them along the way. 


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"I still refer to this as one of the greatest purchases in my life because of how often I wear it. I feel like it elevates every outfit that I pair it with and just so happens to look good with everything. I'm not a fan of the major fashion houses logo bags, but the fact that this one is recognizable while still being logo-free simply does it for me. Also, pro tip: I wear the crossbody handle as a belt all the time."—Sierra Mayhew, associate editor


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"A good tote to get you through the work and travels days is a must, and I had my eyes on this one for months before I gave in. I've really put it through the wringer spilling water inside and dragging it all over the country but it looks good as new. It's the perfect oversize tote. Another pro tip: the small size of the bag is the one I'm wearing and it's the perfect size for your laptop."—Mayhew


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"I've seen some controversial opinions about this piece of jewelry. Some say it's been overdone, but to me, it's forever timeless. It's the one thing that I absolutely never take off, even in the shower, and it still holds up its perfect form. I've been wearing it for years and don't plan to stop anytime soon."—Mayhew


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"As you can see, I'm a big proponent of investing in a designer handbag, and this is the perfect sidekick. The mini bag trend has held a special place in my heart ever since it emerged so I think everyone needs the Le Chiquito bag from Jaquemus. It's the perfect shape and forces me to pack light. Plus, I just love being hands-free."—Mayhew


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"Finding a little black dress that fits you perfectly and can be dressed up and down should be easy. But in my experience, it's actually quite the feat. It wasn't until I found this strapless dress from Sir. the Label that I found a dress that really checks off all of my boxes. It's a bit pricey, but I've already worn it to WWW's holiday party, a wedding, and a show during NYFW, three occasions that prior to owning this dress, I would've had to buy separate pieces for. So, yeah, it's worth it."—Eliza Huber, fashion editor


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"I've had this bag for almost a year now, and despite being cream and me being prone to coffee spills, it's held up beautifully. Not just that, [but] it really fits everything that I need and goes with everything I own—especially since I can swap out the straps to be shoulder-length or cross-body. Unfortunately, the cream color is sold out, but the black is next on my list and still available."—Huber


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"Alright y'all, please meet my everyday necklace by Loren Stewart. If you're at a place where you can afford it, a fine gold chain necklace will serve you so well. If you wear yours every day like I do, it's the best cost per wear of anything in your closet. It's also so nice to know that it won't get tarnished after a few years, so I can wear it for life."—Kat Collings, Editor in Chief


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"I really hate spending money on practical items, and a tote bag that can fit my laptop absolutely fits into that category. But, wow, this tote bag instantly got so much use the second I owned it. I honestly can't remember what bag I used to carry to work before it? You know something is life-changing when you can't remember life before it! The rich caramel color is perfect, and the details are sophisticated with a capital S. This bag makes me feel fancy and low-key—the best of all combinations."—Collings


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I'm going on year six with my beloved Loewe Puzzle Bag, and I still count it among my top three favorites at any given time. Aside from the fact that it's held up amazingly over the years, it also feels fresher than ever and is the perfect size for when a mini bag just won't do but you don't want something oversize either.


(Image credit: @nicoleakhtarzad)

From left to right, the shoes in the above photo were purchased approximately 20—you read that right—six, and one years ago. The first pair, originally owned by my mom, is just as important to me as the ones I bought myself more recently, and are in nearly as good condition. This is just one of many reasons I can confidently say you'll never regret buying a pair of Manolos.


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"I bought this Louis Vuitton pouch years ago, and it continues to be my most-used accessory. It's certainly an investment piece, but I use it so frequently that the cost per wear is quite strong. I routinely use it as a clutch when I go out, and I also never travel without it because it fits all of my essentials (iPad included). At the time, it sold out constantly, but I was fortunate to be at the right store at the right time to snag it. While I saw iterations of the silhouette online recently, I'm not currently seeing a vast offering, but my specific style does seem to be available on resale sites like The Real Real, Rebag, and Fashionphile."—Bobby Schuessler, Market Director


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"I love a quality belt. Unless I'm wearing sweatpants, I basically wear a belt with my jeans every single day, so I've invested in a few silhouettes over the years. I most recently picked up this Balenciaga style from Italist (the brand has great deals on designer items) and it has become my new go-to. The perfect accent to my daily looks. Also, note the top-handle bag here that I'm also loving."—Schuessler


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"This Prada Nylon bag is the first designer piece I ever purchased and the fact that I'm still wearing it to this day proves how great of a buy it was."—Kristen Nichols, senior editor


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"When I invested in a pair of Chanel slingbacks a few years ago, I didn't realize just how much I would wear them. They instantly elevate a pair of jeans and go with practically everything in my closet. Plus, they're the most comfortable heels I own."—Nichols


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"The Ferragamo Studio bag is a classic for a reason. It has the most timeless shape and a piece I'll wear forever."—Nichols


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"While I do think it's important to invest in minimal handbags that will be versatile, I also like to buy handbags that are more unique in design. Whether it's a cool shape or standout pattern, the bag becomes a special piece in my closet and something I come to cherish and wear often. One example of this is my Staud Tommy bag. I love the floral design and have worn it multiple times since I purchased it for my honeymoon last year."—Yusra Siddiqui, assistant market editor


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"Something I like to invest money in are leather/faux-leather pieces. I've always found that cheaper leather pieces come off tacky, while the products I've spent a little more money on are not only buttery soft to touch but also look very elevated. My favorite faux leather purchases are from Nanushka—their vegan leather is the best I've tried. Although the specific leather skirt I'm wearing is sold out, the black version is available."—Siddiqui


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"My grandmother passed down this mint-condition Fendi Zucca Baguette to me and it has quickly become my signature bag. Though I wear it on repeat (it goes with everything and holds a surprising amount), I plan to cherish it forever and hopefully even pass it on in the future. It's trending especially well at the moment, but I think it's also as timeless as they come."—Anna LaPlaca, editor


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"I added this beautiful double-breasted blazer to my closet several years ago and it's easily one of my most-worn pieces. It's structured and just roomy enough to have that cool oversize feel but not too much that it looks like I'm drowning in it. I also love that the fabric has a subtle texture, adding interest to the whole look. I wear it wear everything from trousers to mini skirts and even denim cutoffs if I'm feeling funky."—LaPlaca


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"I wear this jacket so much in black that I ended up buying the exact same jacket in army green. The fit is so cool and oversize enough to fit over any sweater, and it's super warm yet lightweight."

"I'm kind of particular about the size of my bags, and this one is just right. I carry it day and night and have brought it on several trips. It's lightweight and compact, so it's easy to pack in my carry-on. I saw that they recently released it in a pistachio color (which Nordstrom has too), and I think about it a lot."—Ally Payer, senior editor


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"I think these might be my favorite shoes, and that's saying a lot. I got them pretty soon after they came out and have honestly worn them dozens of times yet they still look brand new (even after getting caught in the rain a couple of times). They may not be the most lightweight shoes I own, but they're still really comfortable. Oh, and I get compliments every time I wear them."—Payer


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"A great quality jacket will last you a lifetime. This wool-and–silk-blend topper from Nanushka is one of my favorite purchases that I still wear on repeat. The quality is incredible, it's crazy soft and the color is surprisingly versatile. Moreover, it's perfect for the year-round pleasant temps we have here in L.A. I'll never let go of this beauty."—Judith Jones, senior market editor

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