The Only 24 Body Lotions That Actually Work on Dry Skin

Despite the fact that the majority of the skin on our bodies is below the neck, we do a very good job at neglecting it. While double cleansing, exfoliating and masking our faces might be rituals cemented firmly in our weekly beauty routines, for the most part, the skin on the rest of our bodies is left to fend for itself. While the skin on our faces has more demanding wants and needs, the rest of our skin does require at least some basic level of TLC. Most notably, at around this time every year, it has a tendency to turn dry.

As the seasons change, a perfect concoction of fluctuating temperatures, wind, sun exposure and a change in wardrobe choices (is it warm enough to show a bit of ankle yet?) can cause our skin to turn dry, scaly and ashy. Dryness on the face can be a difficult battle to fight (everything from foundation to retinol could be the cause), but for the most part, dry skin on the body usually requires one key thing, and that’s moisture.


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Whether you’re battling surface dryness or something more serious such as eczema, finding the right body lotion is of utmost importance. Super-nourishing ingredients such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid can help get dry skin back on track. The trick, however, is in finding the right product for you. Sadly, a quick smattering of fruity body butter picked up in the supermarket won’t be the answer to every dry-skin problem you encounter. Luckily though, I am somewhat of a bodycare connoisseur and have tried virtually every body product around. So if you’re looking for the glowiest, smoothest limbs of your life, keep scrolling for the best lotions out there for dry skin.

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