TMI, But This Exfoliating Mitt Sheds Every Last Inch of Dead Skin, and I Love It

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For the longest time, I hated exfoliating my body. I would begrudgingly do it whenever it was absolutely necessary—like when my skin felt dry and rough or I was prepping for self-tanner application. Aside from those occasional scenarios, though, I always avoided it. I know that might sound blasphemous coming from a beauty editor, but it's true. There's just so much area to cover when it comes to body exfoliation; it requires a lot of time and effort. Plus, some of the most popular methods leave much to be desired.

Salt- and sugar-based body exfoliators often dissolve in my hands before I can even get them on my skin. Exfoliating body serums are nice, but some of them leave my skin uncomfortably sticky. Then there are exfoliating mitts. They speed up the process and are pretty fail-safe in theory, but many of them just don't work for me. They're either too grainy and harsh, leaving my skin red and irritated, or too soft and flimsy, leaving my skin no smoother or softer than when I started.

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I had all but given up on finding the perfect body exfoliator until I tried a special exfoliating mitt. It hits the sweet spot between too rough and too soft, and it sheds away every last inch of dead skin. It's gross but in a good way.

While you can snag the mitt all by itself, it also comes as part of a four-step bodycare ritual. The ritual includes a pre-exfoliating foam (more on that in a minute), the exfoliating mitt, a bodywash, and a body oil. Inspired by ancient Mediterranean bathing practices, it combines age-old efficacy with a modern sensibility. Scroll on to learn why it's a must for your next "everything shower."

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