I Started Buying More Jewelry to Bring Joy to My Looks—I'm Into These Pieces RN

I Started Buying More Jewelry to Bring Joy to My Looks—I'm Into These Pieces RN


@ch.phr8phIoola bracelets and rings and S_S.IL necklace

My uniforms these days have primarily consisted of various sweats and generally comfy clothing as I’ve been spending more time at home. While I do try to dress up slightly when I can for some Zoom meetings and what not (meaning adding a slouchy blazer to said sweats vibe), my general silhouettes do skew on that laid-back side. That said, there is one simple way I’ve been trying to elevate my casual looks. Yep, by adding various jewelry pieces.

While I’ve always worn a bracelet or two now and then, I’ve actually been investing in more baubles lately because those perfect pieces can add that special touch to even a simple look. Given that bracelets are mainly my thing, I’m very into the idea of stacking various pieces. It honestly brings me joy when I look down at my keyboard while typing and catch a glimpse of my fun, personal stack of jewelry.

With all that in mind, I thought I’d bring you an edit of the jewelry pieces that have caught my eye recently as I’ve been doing market research for various stories. Below you’ll uncover quite the range—everything from eye-catching bangles to delicate necklaces to those investment fine jewelry items. Basically, all of the items coming your way could add a joyful element to any ensemble you’re wearing.

Here are a few of the pieces I've been collecting.


A stunning investment piece from the new LV Volt collection.

The pearl brings a little something extra to this bracelet.


This necklace looks quite expensive.

Just imagine this with a white tee and slouchy blazer.

This new label has stunning pieces—like this link necklace.


Dome rings are all the rage.


This single earring is breathtaking with the turqouise.

And one pair solid pair of hoops.

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