The New York Nordstrom Is Lit—Here's Everything I Tried On That You Should Buy

I'm already embarrassed to write this sentence, but growing up in Southern California, Nordstrom was kind of my life. Back when malls were the epitome of a good social life, Nordstrom was the It store to go in, especially with your mom. You'd roll up, head straight to the BP. section, eat at Nordstrom Cafe, and leave feeling like a million bucks. Now, as an adult, I rely on Nordstrom for much more than, but not excluding, the younger contemporary section. However, up until recently, there wasn't one in New York where I now live. I'm sure you've heard murmurs of it by now whether you live in New York or not, but there is officially a sparkly new Nordstrom store right here in the city, and let me tell you, it is reminiscent of heaven on earth (not that I've been there or anything). 

This location is complete with floors filled with most of my favorite brands, so I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't a tad overwhelmed upon entering. Instead of wallowing over all the accessories I probably couldn't afford, I went straight to the clothing department where I was greeted by brands like Reformation, Topshop, Staud, and more. I tried on dozens of things, but the edit below includes my utmost favorites from my dressing room experience. Ahead, you'll see all my candid pics from the New York Nordstrom dressing room, and by the end of the story, I have a feeling that you too will think this new store is lit. 

I've been on the hunt for a cute little black dress for a while now. This one is certainly a tad risqué, which initially had me on the fence, but the longer I had it on in the dressing room, the more I fell in love with it. The nearly hip-high slit is daring in all the right ways, and since the rest of the dress is very minimal, I feel comfortable with the drama of the lower half.

Fun fact: I have been wanting this Nanushka jacket since the very day I saw it at the brand's press preview. Lavender is one of my favorite colors, and this modern tie was just the detail I needed to be sold. Unfortunately, the original price was a tad out of my budget, but now that it's on sale, I know that it's too good to pass up. 

Here's a close-up because if any jacket deserves a moment in the spotlight, it's this one. 

Some people are afraid of larger fluffy jackets, but I, on the other hand, am drawn to them. I spotted this cozy coat on the sale rack in the Topshop section of the store and knew it must be at least tried on. If you live in New York (or anywhere remotely cold), trust me, this jacket is going to keep you warm and comfortable all season long. And for under $100, it won't do you wrong.

Some sweaters are worth searching for on the cheap, but this one is definitely worth investing in. Isabel Marant is known for top-notch knitwear—so much so that the brand often sets the tone for knitwear trends each and every season. This one is slightly cropped, but still long enough to tuck into jeans, and is perfect for that faux-lob hairstyle look we see so much of during the winter. 

Speaking of jeans, this Agolde crossover pair is so good. I had been wanting to try them on for a while now, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the fit. They run a little big so if you're thinking of getting them I suggest sizing down. 

Back to my LBD hunt. Beyond just the minidress, I wanted a simple cocktail dress that I could keep in my closet and pull out for every fashion emergency that may arise. Last-minute party? This dress. Funeral? This dress. Something to wear with sneakers? This dress.

If you're in the mood for something a little more interesting than the previous one, this Staud dress really pulled out all the stops without being too over the top. The sleeves and the neckline create unique focal points that are sure to attract compliments galore. 

Here is a better look at the detailing of the dress. Even the subtle floral print makes this dress one for the books if you ask me.

If you're looking for a timeless going-out top that feels fun and sexy, I found it for you. This romantic blouse looks great paired with everything from trousers to miniskirts to denim. I tried it on with my & Other Stories leather pants, and the combo is what made me want to buy it immediately. 

I love how my necklaces poke out from beneath the slit. The buttons and the slightly mock neck almost make this look vintage, which I love. 

Since leather is not going anywhere as proven by every runway over the last three seasons, I figured it couldn't hurt to stock up on some more affordable pieces. I have been wanting long shorts and this faux-leather pair fit me just right. With shorts like this, a minimal top is definitely in order, and this $25 bodysuit fit the bill.

Topshop comin' in hot with the faux leather! This olive-colored dress reminds me of a dress my boss, Kat Collings, wore over the summer. To be honest, I haven't stopped thinking about it. So buying a similar one was the natural next step. 

As I said before, I love lavender. This ruffle wrap top was calling my name from the second I spotted it on the hanger. Stine Goya is a really fun newer brand to the scene that fashion girls have taken a fond liking to, including me. 

I love that this top has a lot of volume without swallowing me. The neckline and the way it cinches at the waist definitely help with that. 

Thanks to Nanushka (yes, clearly I love Nanushka), I have now discovered the perfect airplane travel outfit. This knit set is comfortable but still looks polished.  

Plus, the sweater will definitely look amazing with skirts, pants, jeans, and the like. 

Ever since last year, I have had this growing obsession with tight mesh turtlenecks. This dress isn't something I would normally try on, but the price was so good so I had to. I was kind of shocked by how much I liked it. With a sleek pointed-toe boot and maybe a sweater thrown over my shoulders, this dress might just prove to be the statement styling piece missing from my closet. 

In a closer view, you can see that the sleeves are unlined, adding a bit of dimension to the dress. What you can't really see in the photos is that there is a slight shine to the lining beneath the zebra mesh so the dress sparkles a little.  

I don't know why I did such a bad job of photographing this turtleneck so for that I am sorry, but trust me, it's a winner. This one is not lined at all, but a nude bra would definitely blend in due to the pattern. I happened to be wearing a black bra this day, but I don't hate the fact that you can see it a little. 

Last but not least is a cheap and fun winter coat. No matter what you wear this with, you're sure to leave the house liking your outfit, even if you are just wearing leggings and a T-shirt underneath. 

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