If You Know, You Know—11 Indie Fashion Brands Our Editors Support and Love

As fashion editors, it's our job to always be on the radar about brands that may not have made it to the mainstream yet like bigger designers or retailers. Our slack convos consist more of just your average office tasks, we're always sending each other new brands we find and from all those conversations, purchases end up being made. (Thanks, team!) We wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't share what we found with you, so below you'll find 11 brands that we love to support and think you'll like too. The picks below are growing at a rapid space, some already being worn by the likes of Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. We'd suggest you keep scrolling to get them on your radar, too.

From unique knits to risqué pieces fit for any party, there's a variety in this mix you're going to want to take a look at. Read on to see the brands we put our stamp of approval on. 


"I've loved Ciao Lucia since its very first collection. It's definitely popular at this point, but still feels kind of under-the-radar, which I love about it. The collections are on the small side but every piece is so strong. And although their known for breezy, vacation-friendly pieces, the fall and winter sweaters are something special."


"The chances are high that you've seen Brandon Blackwood's candy-hued bags all over your social media feeds this year. The label's series of mini bags reading End Systemic Racism were what first caught the internet's attention, but the designer has only continued to give his audience exactly what they want and with each new drop secured himself cult status."

"'Revenge' dressing, the 'Hot Girl' effect—whatever you want to call it, my going-out wardrobe has my full attention right now, thanks in large part to emerging label Cultnaked. The Ukrainian brand is serving up plenty of cool and elevated takes on nighttime attire, including its signature mini skirts and leather bustier sets, that count fans like Kendall Jenner and Elsa Hosk."


"When I think about a brand that embodies that 'Hot Girl' lifestyle, it's the NYC-based indie label Danielle Guizo. Of course, her RTW includes risqué corsets and mesh bodycon dresses. But what makes Guizo's work truly exceptional is her ability to tap into the trendiest items of the moment but make them feel distinctly unique from the pieces you see at every other brand. Her attention to detail paired with bold designs makes the brand one to watch (and shop)."


Every time Paloma Wool drops a new collection, it takes a lot of work for me to resist buying something. The Spanish brands' pieces feature fun prints and unique colors but I end up wearing them more often than you'd expect. I'm always willing to invest in a statement item I know is comfortable—because that proves I'll get major wear out of it.


"Wandler is one of the few pricey brands that I'll actually pay full price for. From heels that you can actually walk in to everyday clogs and bags, Wandler's designer Elza Wandler has an eye for what people want—myself included."

"I'm obsessed with Cou Cou Intimates, an underwear brand that tows the line between ultra-comfortable granny panties and style-forward undies. I love the fact that all of the brand's merchandise is made with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and how there are very few pieces produced. The brand really focuses on a few really great styles, and I appreciate that business model."


"Nensi Dojaka is one of the most talked-about brands of the year for good reason. Their stunning 'floss' dresses and mesh tops have carved out a whole new take on 'naked' dressing that is really making an impact on how fashion people are getting dressed right now."

"Refine has the most stunning take on classics, so you know their pieces will be in your closet for a long time. I particularly love their silk slip dresses and scrunchies, as well as their recently launched jersey tops and pants."


"Neil J. Rodgers is one of my favorite shoe designers right now. The quality of his Italian leather creations is amazing and I feel like I've been slipping my favorite styles on nearly every day. The modern spin he puts on classic silhouettes always has me coming back for more. These snakeskin pumps are my current favorites despite the colder weather. The best part is, I can walk in them with ease, they recently joined me for a spontaneous Whole Foods run."

"I recently discovered Lirika Matoshi on my explore feed, and just wow. This heart cutout sweater is the item that caught my eye and I had never run so fast to the tagged section but I needed to find out who the designer of the item was ASAP. Each item is handmade with love and care which is even more of an excuse to shop away, plus the entire collection is anything but basic, so I'll be purchasing more than just that exquisite knit."

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