The $25 H&M Shoes I'll Be Wearing Constantly in 5 Months

While certainly not over yet, the holiday season is drawing to a close, which means that my brain is already starting to shift into spring and summer. Without fail, the first thing I think about when brands start to release fresh pieces for the new season is my shoe collection. Since I live on the east coast, where temperatures rapidly rise once late spring hits, and I already have a tropical vacation on the horizon, I figure that it's never too soon to start planning accordingly.

Periodically, my search for new shoes takes me to the New Arrivals section of H&M, where there are many affordable treasures to be had. My most recent discovery is a pair of $25 slide sandals that I found nestled among the winter boots. I plan on wearing them constantly in five months (post-winter boots season, that is). The simple, chic sandals come in a versatile black-and-white gingham iteration and a furry blush pink iteration. At this price, I should probably just buy them both... Want to join me?

Shop the $25 H&M sandals I'm immediately adding to my shopping cart below.