Where to Buy the Best Hands-Free Bags for Every Summer Activity


(Image credit: Style Du Monde)

While we're the first to scoop up a trendy new purse to carry (and show off) on our arms, certain situations and occasions—such as traveling, attending a music festival, or running daily errands—are made much easier and less restricting when you have both arms and hands free. Enter the hands-free bag—an accessory that will revolutionize the way you carry your day-to-day essentials.

Among the most common and widely beloved hands-free bags are fanny packs (also known as belt bags), the always-classic backpack, and a crossbody. But depending on the event you're attending (or the number of things you need to carry with you), certain styles may be better suited for certain occasions. For example, if you're running to the store and only really need a phone and wallet, a belt bag should suffice. But if you plan on packing more, like a water bottle, a large notebook, or a laptop, a backpack may be the better choice.

Ahead, we've picked out the best hands-free bags that are as practical as they are stylish. Trust us—once you go hands-free, you may never go back.




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Eva Thomas