If You Love Hailey Bieber's Manicures, You'll Love These 11 Pearl Nail Colors

Hailey Bieber with pearl nails



If there's one thing Hailey Bieber is known for, it's a cool-girl, minimalist aesthetic. It's the same one that TikTok is currently obsessed with, which explains why she basically breaks the internet every time she shares insight into her personal beauty routine.

There's one aspect of her beauty routine that seems to be particularly impactful on social media, and that's her manicures (does anyone remember one of the most major nail trends of last year, donut glazed nails? Yeah, that was all thanks to her). While lately she's worn bold shades of burgundy and black nail polish, we tend to associate her with one color above all others—pearl. It only makes sense. After all, pearl nail polish is simultaneously timeless and trendy (that's an oxymoron, we know), and if there are two words that can describe Bieber's style, those are the ones. Keep scrolling to see the best pearl nail colors that will help you channel your inner supermodel-turned-influencer-turned-brand-founder. 

This polish has little light-reflecting particles in it that make the nails gleam like real-life pearls.

This is a nail polish topper, although you can also use it alone for a stunning blue-to-pink iridescent sparkle.

This soft-white nail polish is understated and elegant.

Zoya's shimmer polishes are unrivaled, and this opalescent shade is no exception. 

This pearl shade leans silver, and we're obsessed.

This shimmery off-white shade never misses. 

We'll call this pink pearl, thanks to its slightly rosy tint. 

How about a peachy pearl shade? Yes, please. 

Here's another pearl top coat that looks just as good when layered over another polish as it does on its own.

This isn't technically a polish per se, but it does give nails the prettiest pearl effect. Simply rub the powder over a gel nail polish and cure it with a UV lamp for a Hailey Bieber–esque chrome finish. It's the easiest way to get a professional-looking pearl manicure at home. 

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