The One Graphic Tee All the Cool Girls Are Wearing at Home

I'm always on the hunt for new story ideas, so I'm never mad when one falls into my lap—er, onto my Instagram feed. It seems like every time I open IG these days, I spot one particular item that a lot of stylish women own, and it makes me want to buy it too. So how could I not cover it? The product in question is Réalisation's Baby Hercules Tee ($69). You're probably familiar with the brand's now-iconic leopard-print skirt, so it should come as no surprise that Réalisation knows how to make viral pieces.

This T-shirt is actually part of Elton John's capsule collection with the brand, so 5% of the profits from the tee will be donated to the Elton John Charitable Trust. The trust includes charities dedicated to music, sports, and more. As for how to style the tee, the options are limitless. How about a pink pantsuit or zebra-print pants? Scroll down to see how six It girls have styled it and shop the T-shirt for yourself. 

How 6 It Girls Style the Tee







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