Every Website Has a Gift Section—These 40 Items Will Go Out of Stock First

Who What Wear gift guide

Not going to lie—one of my favorite things about the holiday season is gift guides. I enjoy making them and scrolling through them far more than I do actually figuring out what to get people. But I've come to realize that more often than not, I find gifts for my loved ones via a gift guide. Moral of the story: They're effective.

A benefit of shopping for gifts online as opposed to in person is that there are extensive gift sections on practically every retail site. And I spent the better part of a workday scrolling through some of them in hopes that I'd be able to narrow it down to the very best items (tough gig, I know). It was a successful day because I was able to narrow it down to the five most desirable gifts from the likes of Nordstrom, Amazon, Free People, and more. Scroll on to check some items off of your gifting list while there's still plenty of precious time (but not for long).


Still reveling in the return of The North Face.

I'd probably avoid gifting with a swimsuit but not this.

Shearling accessories all day every day.


Kim Kardashian West probably has this in every color.

If my husband doesn't like this gift, I'm stealing it from him.


I'm still going through my post–Queen's Gambit chess phase. HBU?

Because it's kind of the perfect sweater (and it's currently 30% off with the code OHJOY).

Another thing I'd be tempted to steal from my husband.


On sneakers are likely to be a hot item this holiday season.

They'll never lose their hand cream in their bag again.

This is so pretty I probably wouldn't even fill it with anything.


This adorable little doll has a massive IG following of her own (as she should).

This modern record player is sure to make the recipient very happy.

Don't these look way more expensive than $11?


I'm tempted to just give this to everyone on my list.

A cute cardigan is always a good idea.

I wear these multiple times a week. How's that for an endorsement?

Yet another thing I might also have to buy for myself.

The 2021 version of the bomber jacket.


Eva Chen recently wore these, and now I'm convinced.

Everyone needs a little light sometimes. Literally.


This is the same price as just the Retinol Reform, so it's definitely a smart buy.

In case you don't want to be forced to choose what scent they'll like yourself.

The rumors are true—these lip masks are epic.

Tatcha products are highly giftable, IMO.