I Wasn't Very Good at Eyeliner Until I Tried This $26 Product

I have to be honest here, I hate putting on eye makeup. Do I love how I look when I'm wearing eye makeup? Yes, of course. There is nothing better than a dramatic smokey eye, or just effortlessly lined eyes to make my peepers really pop. But do I love the process of applying eyeliner and shadow? Nope, would rather be doing anything else. 

I only dread it because I truly believe I'm not good at it. I don't know how many of my friends and colleagues have become skilled at applying eyeliner, or when they picked up this skill, but I must have been doing something else that day. I chalk it up to one of my greatest weaknesses in life: impatience. I'm not one to practice a cat-eye look in the mirror in my free time. And when it comes time to do my makeup for a night out, I never leave enough time to perfect my eyeliner. There is a lot of cursing and Q-tips that get tossed around during those moments—trust me. Because of all of this, I resigned myself to just having "okay" eye makeup for the rest of my life. There are worse things to have, I suppose.


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All of that changed, though, a few months ago when I was shopping around for a new eyeliner and decided on a whim to try gel eyeliner. Firstly, the word "gel" always sounds good to me. Secondly, I read all the reviews on a particular Marc Jacobs gel eye crayon and was convinced it would make lining my eyes easier.

I was right. I didn't realize how game-changing gel eyeliner would be. It glides so easily onto my lash line. And because it's so smooth, it's easier to be precise. In fact, when I first tried the eyeliner I think I used 1.5 Q-tips versus the five I usually used with other liners. It also doesn't smudge and is long-lasting, so even after a full day of work or a long night, I don't look like a total wreck.

If we lived in a perfect world I would say that I line my eyes every day with my new holy-grail eyeliner and I'm now a genius at it. Well, the world is far from perfect, but I will say that the eyeliner doesn't make me dread putting on eye makeup anymore, and I get a little excited to use it when I do decide to go all out. I no longer consider myself "bad" at eye makeup, more like adequate (and honestly that's okay for me). Plus, it cuts my feelings of impatience and frustration in half (maybe even three-quarters, but I AM human).

All of this is to say I've found the product that actually makes my makeup routine a little more joyful, so thank you, gel eyeliner. I don't think I'll ever go back. And if my long treatise on the subject has left you intrigued, I've rounded up some more gel eyeliner picks below:


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