These Trends Will Dominate the Next 3 Months


Le 21ème

Wrapping your head around the next big trends can be a daunting task. Fashion month abounds with designers offering their unique perspectives on the next big thing, and we realize it's a lot. For editors and industry experts, though, our job is all about sifting through it all and finding the runway styles that will actually work in real life.

Now that a new season is almost upon us, we know that nailing the next must-have styles is on your mind. Which is why we enlisted a pool of some of our favorite editors, stylists, and creatives to highlight what they're considering in and out for the coming season. Refreshingly (and unexpectedly), there was a good deal of agreement across the board.

Many of the insiders we polled noted a movement away from the overwhelming battery of trends, instead highlighting the importance of individuality. For that same reason, many felt that for this season, there's no style that's off-limits (great news!).

Read on to see what our panel of experts had to say, and then shop pieces to help you embrace what's big for spring.