The 8 Trends That Earned Me the Most Compliments in 2019

I basically spot trends for a living, and believe me when I say it's both a blessing and a curse. Since I'm constantly reporting on the latest trends I'm seeing, I'm acutely aware of the holes in my own closet and 10 times more likely to jump at the opportunity to test-drive a new look. As we round out the year, I got to thinking about all the various trends I tried, and among them, there is a handful that consistently earns the most interest from friends, strangers, and Instagram followers alike.

Below, you'll find the 2019 fashion trends that have consistently earned me loads of compliments and a flurry of "where did you get that?" inquiries each time I wear them or post about them to my social media. The fashion world has crowned these as veritable trends, but I can attest that they are crowd-pleasers IRL, too. From the animal prints that garner the most attention to the classic boots that are having a moment, see how I'm wearing each one and, if you're so inspired, add them to your cart, too.

Snakeskin Print

Snakeskin print has a tendency to look ultra cool no matter what kind of item it's plastered on. Be it a jacket like the one I'm wearing above, a pair of boots, or a handbag, the print makes anything more interesting—and compliment-worthy.

Structured Bags

I've taken to carrying structured bags since they quickly add a dose of polish to any of my ensembles. The sleek look is an eye-catching one, so it's no surprise they tend to earn a kind word or two.


Leather and its faux look-alikes aren't the most eye-grabbing textures (I'd say they're more classic than anything), but leather-coated pieces that aren't typically found in the material, such as trench coats and button-down shirts, are cool in an unexpected way and tend to earn me compliments whenever I wear them.

Feather Trim

It's hard not to smile when you're wearing something whimsical like feather trim, and I'm sure that others pick up on the elevated mood since they go out of their way to comment on these fun pieces.

Puff Sleeves

Romantic puff sleeves make any outfit, even the simplest ones, feel more special, so it should come as no surprise that my puff-sleeved pieces were some of the most commented-on that I wore all year.

Zebra Print

Graphic zebra print (and tiger print, too, because they're so similar) commands the attention of a room, but it's actually a lot less scary to wear than you'd think and will definitely pay off in the end when people douse you with compliments. Speaking from experience here.

Knee-High Boots

For such a classic item like these tall boots, I was surprised to discover how many comments I received on them. It's probably because they're having a moment right now, but I think it's because they take an outfit from good to excellent.

Lime Green

Lime green was one of the most unexpected trends to emerge this year. Once I came around to the idea of wearing such a punchy color, I had so much fun styling it. I mean how could you not with a color this bright? The zingy lime hue was a favorite among friends and co-workers, too, as evidenced by the number of comments my green pieces got.

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