The Trends Fashion Insiders Are Ditching in 2018


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We've officially waved goodbye to 2017 and are ready to dive headfirst into another New Year. As any fashion junkie knows, a fresh year requires a fresh wardrobe, and we brought in the powerhouses of the industry to help us navigate what to buy and what to toss as we excitedly enter 2018.

As is probably clear, we love a good trend here at Who What Wear. We are consistently predicting, shopping, and studying them as if it were our full-time jobs (okay, maybe it is), but sometimes, it's nice to step outside the box to get a different opinion. This New Year is one we are ready to ace, which is why we tapped some of the most influential fashion insiders for the trends they are ready to leave in 2017 and the ones they can't wait to get their hands on. Ready for the first insider trend prediction of 2018? Because we can hardly wait.

Go on to read all about the trends fashion insiders are ready to toss and the ones they are ready to adopt in 2018.

Ditching: Vintage Jeans & Big Earrings

“Low buns and messy hair down-’dos. I’m ready for high ponies and/or headbands—even black stretchy ones you wash your face with. I’m really in love with a sleek, clean, and pulled-back look right now. I’m ready to give up vintage Levi’s, and I’m ready for cigarette pants and dark-wash boot-cut Wranglers. I’m ready to give up big earrings and replace them with long pendant necklaces, especially over turtlenecks.”

Adopting: Purple

“I’m excited for purple! I have never loved purple or lavender in any RTW except maybe during a mid-’90s Wish Upon a Star/young–Katherine Heigl moment—but I’m finally there, and I’m so excited! The whole Staud team makes fun of me because I must say ‘ultraviolet’ or ‘lavender’ at least 10 times a day.”

Ditching: Athleisure 

“The trend I hope that will stay in 2017 is athleisure.”

Adopting: Slip Dresses & Lace Gowns

“Come spring, I will be wearing slip dresses on warm nights and more alluring gowns in black lace for evening.”

Ditching: Sock Shoes

"This includes everything from sneakers to boots." 

Adopting: Plastic Accessories & Skinny Sunglasses 

"Come spring, I'm looking forward to wearing plastic accessories from Chanel, Alevi, and Off-White x Jimmy Choo and skinny sunglasses like the Prada and Poppy Lissiman ones."

Ditching: Sporty Swimwear

“Say goodbye to 2017 and sport-luxe-style swimwear!”

Adopting: Sweet Swimwear

“We are looking forward to the comeback of a more feminine style of swimwear in 2018, focusing on beautiful repeat prints, female silhouettes, and classic styles.”

Available in sizes XS to L.

Ditching: Off-the Shoulder Silhouettes 

“One trend I’m ready to leave behind is the off-the-shoulder silhouette that has been so ubiquitous over the past several seasons.”

Adopting: Anoraks & Botanical Prints 

“Two 2018 trends I’m excited for are anoraks as outerwear and botanical floral prints. Both come together in Adam Lippes’s Printed Poplin Anorak, one of my favorite new pieces on When purchased through the site, it provides 38 days of health essentials for girls in need via our partner Too Young to Wed.”

Ditching: Cold Shoulders

“This year I’ll be ditching the cold shoulder…"

Adopting: Checks & Plaid

"…and embracing checks and plaid!"

Available in size 42.

Ditching: Espadrilles 

“I’m over espadrilles and super-sleek straight hair.”

Adopting: Chunky Loafers 

“I’m into a more effortless look like a girl in chunky loafers with soft late-’70s curls.”

Available in sizes 5 to 11.