The Trends Fashion Insiders Are Ditching in 2018


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We've officially waved goodbye to 2017 and are ready to dive headfirst into another New Year. As any fashion junkie knows, a fresh year requires a fresh wardrobe, and we brought in the powerhouses of the industry to help us navigate what to buy and what to toss as we excitedly enter 2018.

As is probably clear, we love a good trend here at Who What Wear. We are consistently predicting, shopping, and studying them as if it were our full-time jobs (okay, maybe it is), but sometimes, it's nice to step outside the box to get a different opinion. This New Year is one we are ready to ace, which is why we tapped some of the most influential fashion insiders for the trends they are ready to leave in 2017 and the ones they can't wait to get their hands on. Ready for the first insider trend prediction of 2018? Because we can hardly wait.

Go on to read all about the trends fashion insiders are ready to toss and the ones they are ready to adopt in 2018.