I Asked WWW Staffers to Reveal the 5 Most Pivotal Items in Their Makeup Bag

I talk myself blue all day every day when it comes to my favorite beauty products, (it's kind of written in my job description, after all!), however, being the nosy person that I am, the only thing I love more than talking about my current roster of beauty staples is hearing about other peoples' current roster of beauty staples. So, as a fun little change of pace, I decided to ask some of my fellow beauty-loving Who What Wear staffers which five beauty products can absolutely always be found in their makeup bag. (Or in their shower, atop their vanity—you're probably catching my drift.)

Just in time for fall and winter, seven of my co-workers are revealing the most effective and addicting formulas they pretty much can't do life without. Keep scrolling—you're sure to find a few new favorites in the process. 

Charmaine Gomez, Integrated Marketing Manager

"I quite literally have an alarm set on my phone every two hours to spritz myself with this dreamy aloe, chamomile, and lavender concoction. I love how refreshing it feels, especially in the fall and winter."

"I'm more of a matte-look girl, but unfortunately, my face can get super oily at times (and not in a cute, dewy way), so whenever I'm feeling a little too oily, the blotting film just helps eliminate the excess!"

"I've been using the shade Velvet Teddy since my early college days. It's the perfect shade of nude for my tan girls with the added bonus that it's not super drying like other matte lipsticks."

"Whenever I'm feeling a little lazy or just want to go for a super-minimal beauty look, I'll grab this concealer to hide any redness and acne scars."

"I've tried just about every chapstick brand known to man and finally decided it was time to ditch the drug store brands and splurge a bit. I'll never look back. This lip balm is super hydrating, not too sticky, and has the perfect sheen."

Shawna Hudson, Associate Beauty Editor

"This face oil–foundation hybrid never leaves my makeup bag. It glides on so easily, but still provides a great amount of coverage considering how light the formula is. It also never causes me to break out, which is why I always seem to turn to it. I prefer this kind of foundation over a matte one because it's just so breathable."

"Lately, I've really been simplifying my everyday makeup routine. I really love a simple bronzy, sun-kissed look, and this eye shade in Burnished Brown works perfectly for that. I dab a bit onto my lids with my fingers and it just adds a touch of magic to otherwise basic, everyday makeup."

"On days I really want something light (aka just a tinted moisturizer and SPF), this one is perfect to reach for and is always on hand. I love how it looks a bit dewy but never greasy. There's also just something about the way the light hits it in the afternoon sun."

"This blush is to die for. I didn't use to be a big blush person, but I bought this in a bundle with the brand's highlight and bronzer and it's honestly the perfect thing to warm up any look. It melts so seamlessly into the skin, and the brand's Duo Face Brush ($24) just blends it out so perfectly."

"I love this palette so much for everyday wear. It's hands-down one of the best neutral palettes for Black and Brown skin tones. I was introduced to this palette by a friend years ago and have never stopped using it since. Not to mention the incredible price. You really can't beat it for the quality of the shadows you receive."

Paulina Galoostian, Associate Director Influencer Marketing

"My go-to for a no-makeup makeup look! I still get coverage but it looks and feels so natural. My boyfriend is a dermatologist and he has taught me the importance of SPF, so I love using products with at least SPF 30 in them for the extra coverage. This has SPF 50+ and comes in various color shades. I would recommend application with their famous Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush #7 ($48)."

"Thank you, TikTok, for teaching me the importance of blush! I love the Pink Me Up color because it's light so I can use it for a natural look during the day or build on it for a more dramatic look at night."

"This item is my biggest secret, and I can't believe I'm sharing it. I get asked by so many people if my lashes are real, and the answer is yes, because of this mascara. I've tried every mascara at Sephora and this is by far my favorite if you like long lashes. If you're looking for fuller lashes, however, I would probably recommend Too Faced's Better Than Sex Volumizing Mascara ($27)."

"I swear by this product! I wear it morning and night, and I was so excited when Tatcha launched the limited edition Red Camellia shade. This product gives my lips the perfect berry tint and keeps my lips so hydrated all year round, and you can also wear this as an actual lip gloss."

"If you love the dewy look, this is the product for you! You just need one swipe on the highest part of your cheekbones and you instantly glow. I prefer using this instead of a powder highlighter. I have dry skin and this helps me achieve the dewy look I've always found challenging to achieve."

Sarah Yang, Managing Editor, THE/THIRTY



"It's so easy to define and fill in my brows with this product. It looks so natural on, too."

"Nars discontinued my beloved Amsterdam lip color, but this one is an acceptable replacement. It still has that warm and deep red hue that can drum up a million compliments. When I don’t want to think about what lip color I want to wear, I put this one on. It's my go-to."

"I can get a nice, natural, and healthy-looking glow year-round with Charlotte Tilbury's bronzer. When I wear it, it doesn't look like I'm trying too hard."

"I didn't really use highlighter often before I tried this one. Now my makeup look isn't complete without it. It leaves a nice glow that is just so flattering."

"I spritz this on every single time I put on makeup—even if it's just mascara and concealer. It keeps everything in place so I never have to worry about my makeup looking stale."

Katie Berohn, Associate Beauty Editor



"I’ve been a die-hard Boy Brow fan since it came out. I have always hated the look of drawn-on eyebrows. I want my brows to look as natural as possible, and Boy Brow delivers. It makes my brows stay in place and helps them look thicker."

"I love, love, love this blush stick. I don't just put it on my cheeks—I put it on my eyelids, the tip of my nose, and my lips. It gives the perfect soft flush of color, it's buildable, and it's hydrating."

"If I could only have one eye shadow to use for the rest of my life, I'd pick this one. It's highly pigmented with minimal fallout. I love putting it on my lid for an all-over wash of color, but my favorite thing to do for an effortless French-girl vibe is smudging it along my lash line (the smudgier, the better)."

"I can't sing this lip oil's praises enough. I'm such a lip oil fan because I hate the stickiness that comes with lip gloss and the drying feeling of liquid lipstick. This is my favorite lip oil by far (and the one I get the most compliments on). It enhances your natural lip color while moisturizing your lips."

"I believe in the power of drugstore mascaras, and I really believe in the power of this drugstore mascara. It sells out quickly, so I snag a tube every time I see it at the store. It holds a curl and makes my lashes look twice as long as they normally are. I always struggle with mascaras smudging under my eyes by the end of the day, but this one never does."

Eliza Huber, Fashion Editor

"I am in love with this product, so much so that I can't go anywhere without it. Especially since the pandemic, which has caused me to wash my hands constantly, this product has been a lifesaver."

"This face wash is the real deal. It really makes my face feel fresh and clean, but it does so without stripping it of oils. It’s also vegan and free of sulfates! "

"I was under the impression that sunscreen would always break me out until I tried Supergoop's Glow Screen. This product is super lightweight and doesn't feel oily like most sunscreens do."

"I've been using Boy Brow since its inception, and I've never once felt the need to try anything else. I can't love this product enough."

"I honestly thought eye cream was all talk until I tried Chanel's incredible La Creme Yeux from the Sublimage line. Yes, it's pricey, but a little goes a long way."

Caitie Schlisserman, Beauty Director, Branded Content 



"This is a cult product and not just in my makeup bag. Everyone loves it, but especially me. I've been using this since high school. That's a lot of years for a product to stay relevant. But why change a product when it works so perfectly? It offers just the right amount of coverage, it blends into my skin seamlessly, and gives me the most insane natural glow."

"I have never tried a Nudestix product that I didn't like, but this Lip and Cheek Balm might take the cake. Even though I've used it on my lips and cheeks before, I actually regularly use it on my eyes. The color is perfection and makes my hazel eyes pop."

"This mascara is pure luxury. It's only been in my makeup bag for a few months, but it surpasses any other mascara I've ever used (and I've tried many!). The wand is the real star here—it's composed of both vertical and horizontal bristles, which make the application really precise. My lashes have never looked so long, plus it stays put literally all day." 

"I'm a sucker for a feathered brow, and this styling wax helps lift, tame, and sculpt my brows to perfection. Once it's on, my brows won't budge until I wash my face at the end of the night. It's a true keeper." 

"Chantecaille can do no wrong in my eyes. This hydrating gel-cream blush has been in my makeup bag for years, probably because it's the perfect formula and color. I have naturally rosy cheeks, so don't need a ton of blush, which is why I'm so into the shade happy. It's a soft rose hue and adds a sheer wash of color to my cheeks with just the right amount of shine."   

"Okay, I'm breaking the rules and am adding one more product! This stuff is no joke. I'm telling you after one spritz, your entire complexion will have the prettiest glow. It's made with tons of standout ingredients like cucumber and chamomile along with green tea and vitamin E—a must-have cocktail for glowing skin."

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