This One Simple Detail Can Make or Break an Entire Look

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In the realm of what’s new, exciting, or hot in fashion, frankly, the topic of buttons doesn’t often come up. Nevertheless, here we are. Perhaps you can attribute it to my already well-documented love for cardigans and shiny metals, but the truth is that buttons can be dealbreakers when it comes to style. If they’re simple, unassuming, and functional, that’s all well and good, but the most distinct, statement-making ones always make my eyes zero in. Like a hawk.

If you’ll indulge me, the below are a few of the best fall fashion buttons on pieces that may be interesting enough on their own but are made even more special with thoughtful details. After all, anyone can wear a pencil skirt, wrap dress, or blazer, but the addition of creative fixtures makes the difference between your standard purchase and one that becomes a prized piece in your closet. In that spirit, the below forgo your run-of-the-mill buttons for crystals, wooden fixtures, hammered metals, and other small—but impressive—details that, in my humble opinion, makes these pieces truly shine.

I'm a sucker for this mismatched lineup.

These coin-style ones are a bold choice for a denim dress.

Even when inconspicuous, these buttons are statement-making.

A fabric-covered button always looks elegant and effortless.

Oversize and mirrored for extra can't-miss-me appeal.

A timeless tortoiseshell pops against this icy blue.

One of these buttons is not like the others.

Upon close inspection, you'll find these gold buttons are all a bit misshaped, which is pretty darn charming.

According to Net-a-Porter, these are "mismatched wooden buttons to make it seem as though they've been replaced over time."

Clear plastic buttons might not make much of an impact, but on this bold pencil skirt, they work so well.

More tortoiseshell, less symmetry.

Just one is enough for effect here.

It's the contrasting color and placement of these buttons that elevate an otherwise simple sweater.

These sleek black buttons make this floral dress feel a little less prim.

More jewelry via buttons. No complaints here.

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