I Was Bored, so I Made a List of the Best Fall Basics With a Little Twist

Basics With a Twist



Basics are important and quite necessary to one's wardrobe, but as someone who has been sitting in sweatpants and hoodies day after day for the past 6 months, I have been itching for something a little more exciting. While doing my usual online shopping (both for work and personally) I have noticed that there is a new trend wave in town and it's all about basic pieces with a little twist. We're talking warped necklines, exaggerated collars, cool cutouts, and more. 

This is definitely one of those market trends that is hard to explain, but once you scroll through the 28 basics with a twist below, you'll know exactly what I mean. Including everything from shoes to outerwear, consider these fall finds crucial to jazzing up your seasonal wardrobe with minimal effort. 

Asymmetrical necklines are the easiest way to jazz up a simple long-sleeve tee and jeans look. 

If you're already a fan of classic Birkenstocks, this shearling-lined pair is a must-have. 

Quite possibly the coolest cropped T-shirt I've ever seen. 

Swap your basic puffers for a faux leather version. 

Looks like a polo shirt, shacket, and cardigan all in one. 

From the cuffs to the fit, this shirt is a win-win. 

Are you ready to bare it all this season? 

Ribbed knit pants have never looked chicer. 

You'll feel cozy and warm in this quilted puffy coat. 

The collar on this vegan leather shirt makes it worth every penny. 

For when you want to wear something nicer than a hoodie but just as comfortable as pajamas. 

Re-think your go-to layering pieces with this sheer top. 

Good luck finding a cardigan that's more interesting than this. 

These days, it's all about the shoulder pads. 

Get excited about denim again. 

Not your average sweater dress, I'll tell you that. 

This is what happens when a shacket and a coat join forces. 

House shoes have never looked better. 

If you have yet to invest in a leathery trench, the time is now. 

Spice up your life with a cardigan bra set. 

Shearling jackets don't always have to come in neutral tones. 

This is quite literally a basic sweater vest with a twist. 

You can never go wrong with a detail-ridden vegan leather dress. 

The buttons on the sleeves and the thigh-high slit make this dress much more exciting than a simple maxi. 

Never in my life have I seen a more exciting flat. 

The best part about this set is that you can wear it together or separately. 

One more cardigan set before you go.