These Are, Hands Down, the Best Zara Items of Fall 2021



A major pro when it comes to shopping at Zara is the endless number of products offered to you at any given time. That same sentiment, however, can also feel like a major con, as navigating the site can often feel overwhelming. Since I am another level of abnormal, I actually find joy in digging through every page on Zara's site, especially when it relates to finding the best products for all of you. After my most recent deep dive, I discovered what I am claiming to be the best Zara items of fall 2021. There are 42 of them if we're being specific. 

I can assure you the items shopped out for you below were selected after I edited down my hundreds of open tabs, got second opinions from my colleagues, and overanalyzed an unnecessary amount. Featuring knits, outerwear, suiting, and, of course, the season's biggest shoe trends, the 42 fall Zara items below are, hands down, the only ones that matter right now… according to me. With that said, happy shopping and good luck not adding literally everything to your cart. 

A full-leather look will have you looking polished every time.

Layer this bright-green shirt underneath any neutral piece of outerwear for a bit of a pop.

This blazer is giving me '90s boss vibes. 

Pair these with everything from loose trousers to minidresses.

It's true—cargo pants are back. 

This dress makes me so happy. I plan on wearing it layered underneath a big tan wool coat. 

Cloud coats are a trend you don't want to miss out on this fall. 

Tailored vests are already a major hit among fashion insiders everywhere. 

The perfect shoes if you've been struggling to decide between clogs and loafers. 

Zara's assortment of brown fall items is making me feel some type of way. 

These pants look triple the price. 

I think this might be my birthday dress. 

Cowboy boots are having a little bit of a comeback, and this is the pair to join in on the resurgence with. 

Knit sets are officially a fall must-have. 

The shoes I plan on wearing with all my loose tailored trousers. 

Buy this and wear it with those brown jeans. 

This print is almost too good to be true. 

Introducing the perfect layering piece. 

Yes, this is the ultimate cutout look. 

If you don't already own chunky loafers, this is your sign that it's time to buy some. 

I have a similar black version of this coat, and I am madly in love with it. So yes, I will be buying the tan version, and so should you. 

The ways you can style this fleece vest are endless. 

Why wear jewelry when you have this glitzy strap on your shoulder? 

A mod LBD is just what you need to get you through this holiday season with ease. 

If you want to copy this exact all-pink look, you're not alone. 

This cargo miniskirt is everything. 

Highly pigmented hues are one of fall's biggest trends, and this dress is the easiest way to participate. 

One more pair of cargo pants before you go. 

House slippers that still look chic when worn IRL. 

This might not be the most practical skirt, but it sure is the most interesting. 

This is the kind of bag you'll wear with everything. 

Last but not least, here's an eye-catching corset top that will grant you endless compliments. 

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