Weird But True: Doing This 5-Minute Ritual Kind of Changed the Shape of My Face

There are plenty of bogus beauty devices out there, and I've tried a lot of them (due to my line of work, obviously, and if I'm being honest, some vanity). In an age when many of us crave quick fixes in the name of beauty, gadgets and gizmos aplenty can be tempting. Many of said gadgets and gizmos purport high-scale anti-aging benefits or instantaneous firming perks, but the thing is most of them are flukes, and the majority definitely aren't worth your hard-earned cash. Face-massaging and skin-tightening tools, in particular, are having a big moment right now, and while the latter are usually pretty high-tech, the former are typically lower-lift when it comes to usage and maintenance. That said, just because they're lower-tech doesn't mean the best face massagers aren't effective, and while they might not tighten and lift like a professional treatment, they can definitely help depuff, lift, tone, and massage away muscle tightness.



I've always clenched my jaw (both at night and when I'm stressed—which is kind of always), so once I incorporated my absolute favorite face massager—Nurse Jamie's iconic purple roller below—it made a marked difference in how my face looked and felt. I noticed less puff around my jawline (I wasn't getting as much of that jowly look), and I also wasn't experiencing as much pain and tightness in my face. Wins all around! So I thought I'd pay homage to my beloved purple roller in addition to calling out 14 other best-in-class face massagers on the market right now. Dealing with puff, pain, or tightness? Keep scrolling! 

There are a lot of copycats out there, but this exact facial massager from Nurse Jamie will truly always just be it for me. The rotating head is covered in 24 precious tourmaline stones which, when rolled over your cheeks, jaw, chin, forehead, and neck (truly anywhere!), mimic the lifting, energizing, and sculpting effects of Nurse Jamie's signature in-salon facials. I'm also obsessed with applying a sheet mask and rolling the smooth head over it to really help push the serum and ingredients into my skin,

If you're looking for a facial massager that also has some cleansing perks, I highly recommended this affordable and highly rated cleansing pad from Sephora's namesake collection. The flexible silicone material easily lifts away dirt and debris, and the nifty teardrop shape ensures you can target every little nook and cranny of your face. Every time you wash your face, it will feel like a luxury facial.

I'm obsessed with Angela Caglia. Not only does she provide one of the dreamiest facials in L.A. (I've been lucky enough to experience the magic firsthand), but her range of ultra-high-quality facial massagers is equally covetable. If you have the bandwidth to splurge, this vibrating rose quartz facial roller will not disappoint in the bliss department. It uses sonic vibrations (6000 per minute!) to help tone, lift, and even work out muscle tension. Meanwhile, the rose-quartz stone itself is said to promote healing, love, and peace. Who knows, but it surely can't hurt, right?

Celebrities and makeup artists obsess over this tool, and unlike so many gadgets these days, this chic gold tool is definitely worth the hype. Puffy, lackluster skin doesn't stand a chance against the 24-karat gold vibrating bar that massages, sculpts, lifts, and contours in one fell swoop. 

This unique tool from Ranavat (a brand inspired by the beauty rituals of Indian royalty) is essentially the Ayurvedic version of the jade roller. It's made with teakwood and Kansa metal, the dome-shaped wand helping to massage away puff and bloat while simultaneously waking up tired skin. According to the brand, 5000 years of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom cites the Kansa Wand with supporting detoxification and balancing the doshas. To reap maximum glow benefits, pair it with your favorite facial oil.

Full disclosure: This is one of my favorite facial tools on the market thanks to its versatility and efficacy. With origins in Morrocco, Mihakkas are traditional facial exfoliating devices you can find in Marrakesh's sprawling medinas. If you favor tools that are on the lower-tech end of the spectrum, you'll be obsessed. Dehiya's model is handcrafted from terra-cotta and covered with organic cotton that's been dyed with natural pigments extracted from flowers and clay indigenous to the Atlas Mountains. To use, dampen the flat side of the tool, spread on a bit of cleansing balm or soap, and then work the tool in gentle, circular motions all over your face before you rinse. Trust me—you won't believe how baby-smooth your skin will feel afterward, and the massaging motion is also like chicken soup for the soul.

While facialist Shani Darden’s sculpting wand is one of the newer massaging and tightening devices on the market, it’s already accrued a huge fan base among the celeb and beauty-editor sets. Say goodbye to excess puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, and lax collagen production, and let this device’s unique sound wave technology do its thing by targeting key areas like crow’s-feet and nasolabial lines.

If you think this is your average ice roller, think again. Massaging it across your skin pretty much does it all: reduces inflammation and redness, calms sensitive or irritated skin, alleviates puffiness (it's strategically small enough to fit nicely beneath your eyes!), and even helps to minimize acne marks. Store it in your freezer to keep it ice cold. Fun fact: The stainless steel barrel keeps it colder for longer than most ice rollers when you decide to take it out to play.

One of my favorite self-care indulgences is visiting an L.A. massage spot for monthly deep-tissue massages, and it's a ritual the muscles and knots in my neck and back greatly missed the past year and a half or so. I'm happy to be able to get back in for professional treatments these days, but this handy tool has still proven insanely useful for at-home relief. Not only does this anti-aging device boost skin elasticity, tone, and circulation, but it also does wonders for easing tension in those tender areas like the jaw and neck. I've been using it religiously, and I swear it's been key for keeping stress and inflammation at bay.

This super-cool, high-tech tool is like the holy grail, kitchen sink of skincare devices right now. It pretty much does everything and has extra helpful small details like smart-touch activation, so it will turn on and turn off upon placement on or removal from the skin. The wand combines four patented dermatological technologies in a first-of-its-kind treatment: microcurrent, red light therapy, therapeutic warmth, and facial massage. You’ll feel glowier and more radiant and see fewer fine lines and blemishes, and it will also increase the efficacy of your other favorite skincare products.

This beloved facial massager is designed exactly like other models that are about five times the price. (That's not a joke!) It expertly fits the contours of your face and mimics the circulation-boosting and lymph-moving perks of a professional massage. 

Channel your inner celebrity facialist and snap up these stainless steel massage wands from the ultimate celeb skin goddess, Georgia Louise. Wave them over your trouble areas, and they'll quickly help soothe, sculpt, and depuff cranky skin. Keep them in the fridge or freezer and enjoy how the cooling sensation instantly relieves inflamed skin on contact. Meanwhile, your gentle rolling technique will spark lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation for a healthy, natural glow sans makeup.

This splurge-worthy tool might look a little crazy, but it couldn't feel dreamier once you get it rolling on your achiest points of tension. It's known in the industry for its anti-aging benefits and the solar-powered microcurrent technology paired with its massage perks is impossible to beat. Tension and puff will vanish, as will those painful knots thanks to the calming pressure it provides.

I don't know about you, but I love to get as much bang for my buck when it comes to beauty deals, and this ingenious threesome from Herbivore Botanicals totally satisfies that itch. Not only will you get the brand's cult-loved facial roller, but you'll also get the matching amethyst gua sha and the brand's best-selling bakuchiol serum. (If you're unfamiliar, bakuchiol is renowned in the industry as nature's potent yet less intense version of retinol.) Talk about an anti-aging trifecta!

Wildling makes some of the most exceptional facial tools on the market, but I'm partial to the brand's Empress Wand, which, unlike, say, a gua sha, is specifically designed to address muscle tension in the face and jaw. It gets its chic black hue from Bian stone, an amalgamation of more than 40 minerals that have been associated with healing properties. Additionally, the stone is said to emit ultrasound pulsations, far infrared rays, and negative ions to boost this facial massager's anti-aging properties even further.

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