This Engagement Ring Style Is Slowly Fading Away

Just like in other areas of fashion, the bridal world experiences trends in waves, weaving between shiny new fads that grab everyone’s attention and others that quietly fade away. With engagement season (i.e., the holidays) upon us, I’ve been thinking about which engagement ring styles we’ll be seeing more of and that may no longer be popping up.

So, which engagement rings styles will be fading away from our Instagram feeds in the months ahead? To find out, I chatted with designer Ashley Zhang of Ashley Zhang Jewelry to get her insight. A jewelry maker, who specializes in wedding and engagement rings, confirmed some of my own suspicions.

“Pavé diamond halo rings are becoming less popular,” she told me. “The brides-to-be that have been requesting them are asking for a unique twist on the classic halo, like rose gold or mixed metals.”

Ahead, Zhang is also sharing which engagement rings styles are on the rise this year and the ones we can expect to see in 2019. See her expert opinion and shop the beautiful pieces below.

What is the biggest engagement ring trend now?

“Many of my couples have been interested in unique cuts like old Europeans or antique cushion cuts,” says Zhang. “These are my favorite diamonds to work with because each one is truly unique, gorgeous recycled diamonds that are getting a new life.”

What will be big in 2019?

“Accent stones are on the rise. I love adding unique cuts to accentuate the center diamond, like tapered baguettes, trillions, and epaulets,” says Zhang. “Adding stones like these in a delicate setting will give a larger carat appearance to the ring while still keeping it simple and classic.”

Tiffany & Co. Round Brilliant with Tapered Baguettes (price upon request)

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