My Engagement Party Is 3 Weeks Away—I Have These 12 Dresses in My Cart

Okay, I've been engaged for four months now, and your girl is ready to throw a dang party. My fiancé popped the question pre-vaccine, so I've waited quite some time to plan something that all of my favorite people would be able to attend. And because I'm me, I'm actually having two parties: one garden party in Los Angeles with friends as well as one at my parents' home in Northern California with family. So yes, I'm going to buy myself two dresses for both weekends, and I'm not sorry about it.

I just need to start off this roundup by saying I had so much fun creating this—maybe too much fun. (There may or may not be a total of 50 dresses in this article.) I'd catch myself oohing and awing at pieces, screenshotting things to send to friends, and just flat-out smiling while I shopped. I guess the truth is that anything wedding related just makes me so happy. Some of the options are on the formal side, some are a bit more casual, some are all white, and some are incredibly colorful. Quite honestly, I haven't quite figured out my vibe yet, but hey, I've got options. So without further ado, keep scrolling for the 12 engagement dresses in my cart that I'm deciding between, plus 38 more that I'm eyeing.

Shop the 12 dresses I have in my cart: 

The 11 Best Engagement Party Dresses That Are So Stylish



I've been eyeing basically everything from Sleeper, but this dress is number one on my radar. From the sleeves to the linen fabric, it's absolute perfection.

I'll say this upfront: There will be a lot of Cult Gaia included in my upcoming wedding content.

Smocked bodices will always be a good idea for summer. 

The back on this is all I can think about. 

I fell in love with this the moment I saw it on one of my favorite fashion people on Instagram. 

I actually think this looks much more expensive than $138.

A little bit of lace detail, a little bit of ruching—I'm into it.

Shop more white & off-white dresses: 

There's a lot to unpack with this dress: first, the pearls lining the seams; second, the V-shaped bodice, which is bubbling up all over the fashion space; and lastly, the crystals surrounding the buttons. Obsessed would be an understatement. 

I'm here for a matching set.

Shop the matching Russel Skirt ($188).

I'm still here for the cottagecore aesthetic. 

I always get a little nervous about minidresses since I'm so tall, but this one is worth the risk.

The website describes this as a "stunning masterpiece," and I'd have to agree. 

A little lace detailing never hurt anyone. 

I'm intrigued by the boning in the bust. 

Shop more dresses with color: 



If you look closely, you'll notice the ruffles on the bodice. 

I immediately screenshotted this and sent it to my best friend when I saw it.

I want everything in tangerine. 

I also have a lot of Shona Joy dresses saved for my bridesmaids.

I saw my co-worker Jasmine in this and haven't stopped thinking about it since. 

Don't get me started on my puff-sleeve obsession.

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