Garden Party Invite? 8 Outfits That Are Chic, Summery, and Easy

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As we start to reemerge into the world and fill up our social calendars again, dressing for specific dress codes is something we're faced with navigating. One of them is garden party attire. Unlike more cut-and-dry dress codes like black-tie or cocktail attire, there's a pretty big gray area when it comes to putting together a look for a garden party. Are florals a must? Are high heels a bad idea? There's a lot to think about. Instead of navigating the dos and don'ts of the dress code, though, we went ahead and created an outfit guide to keep things simple.

The below eight looks encapsulate the cheery summertime vibe of a garden party while striking the right balance between dressy and casual. So if you have an outdoor function coming up on your calendar, simply take a look at these outfits and re-create them for yourself. Yep, we even completed each of them with shopping options, as we tend to do. Don't worry—you'll only find one floral dress in this whole story (okay fine, two). Continue on for all the garden party outfit inspiration you could need.

Midi-Length Floral Dress

Garden party attire immediately conjures an image of a lush, floral-filled backyard, and that's exactly the vibe this dress gives off—fresh, simple, and timeless. Look for sleeveless floral dresses that hit at a midi length to pair with simple flat sandals.

Simple Knits + Gold Jewelry

While bright colors are what come to mind, don't underestimate the effectiveness of a clean, neutral palette. We love the idea of wearing minimalistic knits like a tank and ribbed skirt that are simple but look really elevated, especially with a few pieces of gold jewelry.

garden party outfit ideas



Nope, you don't have to wear a dress or skirt, necessarily. Instead, try high-waisted trousers with a delicate blouse—bonus points if you do a coordinated color palette.

Blazer + Bra Top + Jeans + Bright Accessories



Going to an event where the dress code may be less strict? For a trendier take, opt for trouser-like jeans with a bra top and blazer. Then, add in bright, eye-catching accessories to make the ensemble feel more special.



Another non-dress outfit that would work well involves printed pants as the key piece and a polished poplin blouse and simple mules to anchor it.

Gauzy Dress + Western Boots

outfits for a garden party



Grab the airiest flowy dress in your closet and pair it with Western-inspired boots. Not only do boots make for a cool contrast, but if you're attending a party in the grass, they're also a much more functional alternative to heels.

Wrap Dress + Bright Sandals



A boldly printed dress is a no-brainer for the occasion, but paired with bright-colored sandals, it feels fresher than ever.

Linen Suiting

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Lastly, you can't go wrong with a suiting look, and this summer, it's all about styling a vest as a top with matching trousers. Go for a linen version and ditch the blazer altogether to make it hot weather approved.