The 2022 Trends Our L.A., NYC, and UK Editors Are Backing

Our team is not only a diverse bunch in terms of style and taste, but also where we're based. Whether it's L.A. or Boston, I love looking at my fellow editors' refreshing fashion opinions that cater differently from my own New York bias. I'm always interested in what the team has to say, so I decided to tap the editors from popular fashion cities: L.A., NYC, and London. While I expected some overlap, I was pleasantly surprised to see that every editor was excited for a different trend for 2022, showcasing our range across the sartorial world.

According to our editors' answers, you should be on the lookout for maxi hemlines, oversize leather jackets, and fun crochet this year. No matter where you find yourself located, you'll resonate with one of the trends below. Scroll on to see (and shop) the editor-approved picks.


Dark Denim

"This is less of a trend and more of a forever kind of thing, but it's really having a moment in 2022, and I'm so here for it. Among a sea of light and medium-washed jeans, wearing dark denim stands out and looks different. If you have one of those events that require wearing jeans and you want your look to feel more elevated try a pair like this."—Sierra Mayhew, associate editor 

Fun Crochet

"I've been seeing a lot of fun, crochet pieces for spring (that don't feel like Coachella cliches), and while it's a little outside of my usual style, I'm slowly becoming convinced I need them."—Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, senior market editor

Maxi Hemlines

"While I know everyone is hyped about miniskirts and shrinking hemlines, I'm personally backing maxi-hemlines for the rest of the year. Give me a maxi skirt over a mini any day, as it's not only an easier piece to transition from season to season, but it looks incredible on everyone. There's no worrying about whether you're flashing the world because you're busy flocking about looking fabulous. It's the best trend, hands-down."—Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, editor

Oversize Leather Jackets

"Oversize leather jackets like the ones we saw on Prada's S/S 22 runway are definitely taking up real estate in my 2022 wardrobe. I love the relaxed-but-cool vibe they lend to any outfit, but I'm especially into styling them with a miniskirt and button-down shirt per Hailey Bieber."—Anna LaPlaca, editor 

Luxe Minimalism

"While I have a deep love bright colors and prints, I'm learning to incorporate luxe-looking minimalism into my everyday style. Life's all about balance, right?"—Yusra Siddiqui, assistant market editor

'90s Handbags

"I'm super into '90s style handbags, but not the tiny shoulder bags that we've been seeing over the last few seasons. Rather, I'm gearing more toward bowler-inspired, rectangular bags like the one Kendall Jenner's been sporting lately from The Row. Simple and classic, this shape will never go out of style, which is probably why I'm so ready to invest in one."—Eliza Huber, editor


Seventies Flare Jeans

"I'm definitely on board with '70s-inspired flared jeans. Very Farrah Fawcett. I think they're easier to pull off than some people think and feel so much fresher than basic skinny jeans right now."—Erin Fitzpatrick, senior news editor 


"I can't wait to get my hands on some of the fun miniskirts that were all over the S/S 22 runways at brands including Prada and Chanel."—Kristen Nichols, Senior Editor


Slouchy Trousers

"I'm not exactly pushing the boat out with my choice of spring/summer 2022 trend, as I have always been partial to a bit of tailoring (I can't resist its polished appeal and ability to elevate any outfit), however, I particularly enjoyed the slouchy silhouette that proliferated across designer collections this season. While some (read: many) may recoil against the slouchy, low-slung trousers that cropped up on various runways, I was oddly drawn to them, relishing their point of difference to the many high-waisted styles sitting in my wardrobe. I found my perfect pair in the men's section of a vintage store (they just needed a little taking-in at the waist), and I've worn them with everything from blazers to chunky knits, but you can also find similar styles at the likes of COS and Zara. A true wardrobe staple, if you ask me."—Joy Montgomery, shopping editor, Who What Wear UK

Camper Aesthetic

"My goal this year is to be a little more adventurous—to really live life after becoming too comfortable in living small during lockdown. There are two ways I plan on doing this: One, by getting out there and rediscovering my love of the outdoors, and two, by dressing chicly for the outdoors. I’m nothing if not dedicated to a theme. This trend was somewhat evident in the revived bohemian looks we saw on the spring/summer 2022 runways, but my approach will be a little less nomadic traveler and a little more 'fashion Girl Scout.' As someone who gravitates towards anything nostalgic, traditional hiking wares mingled with Wes Anderson-style accouterments will inform my aesthetic. Think chunky cable knits layered over wildflower prints, cotton bucket hats (better still if they come in a corresponding wildflower print), proper hill climbing boots, cozy cashmere socks, and a tartan blanket to wrap around myself as we toast marshmallows on an open fire at dusk. See? Nostalgia central."—Maxine Eggenberger, acting assistant editor, Who What Wear UK


"Blame it on the unhealthy amount of times I have to revisit Sex and the City imagery, my crazy to get dressed up again or simply the Saint Laurent runway. … There’s just something about a floral choker or corsage that feels suitable for 2022’s 'extra' mood. Ideally, these will flourish the most unexpected of outfits in a really eclectic 'I just threw this on' kind of way, but I’m not averse to bringing them in a formal capacity to event and wedding season either.”—Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief, Who What Wear UK