I'm the CEO of a Fashion Site—These Are the 4 2022 Items That Are Popular Now

The best discounted designer fashion items



It’s always inspiring to learn about style from different perspectives. On the shopping front, discovering trending products from retail experts can sometimes help inform our own wish lists. And that brings us to why we’re here today. Diego Abba, CEO of Italist, is sharing his insider knowledge.

In case you’re not familiar, Italist is a luxury fashion site that sells designer products (literally over 1400 brands on the site) at the “local” Italian retail price, which is often as much as 40% less on current-season collections and up to 70% on past-season collections. “We wanted to bring the Italian luxury marketplace—an amazing mix of top luxury brands, emerging labels, and the best local pricing in the world—online for all to access. Since 2015, we’ve grown tremendously, with customers in every region of the world. We recently launched a Japanese-language version of our site and are planning to continue the process of localization in 2022,” Abba said. Oh, and as a fellow WWW editor also mentioned, the goods you order ship free and arrive in just two to four days. 

On that note, as the head of a large luxury fashion site, Abba has a pulse on what’s cool, popular, and, as a result, selling fast on his platform. So he offered up the 2022 items that are trending and selling fast on the site right now. 

Keep scrolling to check out key pieces if you’re looking to invest in a designer item this season. There’s also a smattering of other pieces to shop if you go a bit farther. 

Comfy, Flat Boots

“Lately, we’ve seen an emphasis on the polished comfort and all-day wearability of flat or low-heeled boots. Gia Borghini, for example, is an Italian shoe designer who focuses on neutral tones and ultra-clean, unfussy designs.” — Abba

Pucci Pieces

“Emilio Pucci is trending for a few reasons: The historical Italian brand collaborated with hugely popular streetwear brand Supreme last year, while an overarching interest in vintage styles and luxury resale is driving curiosity about smaller heritage brands like Pucci.” — Abba

Retro and Futuristic Sneakers

“The style continues to be preferred for many—either vintage-inspired or ultra futuristic. It’s normal now to have many different styles of sneakers to fit different moods and outfits.” — Abba

Branded Tees

“Mixing high/low is easy with touches of luxury branded T-shirts, especially with metallic touches or embellishments, which will last forever if you care for them.” — Abba