I'm a Recent Dermstore Convert—Here Are the 21 Items I Would Buy in Bulk

Before I started writing about beauty almost a year ago, when it came to shopping for beauty products, my main spots were Sephora and the local drugstore. I didn't really give much thought to other retailers because I pretty much had all my needs met with those two—I could shop my tried-and-true makeup and skincare brands. Because I didn't really experiment with a bunch of new products, I always knew what I was going to get and that each store would be stocked with what I wanted.

Fast-forward to a year later and I'm much more knowledgeable about skin conditions, makeup looks and techniques, and, of course, products. I've been influenced so many times by my co-workers telling me about their favorite serum or moisturizer or their holy-grail mascara or must-have lipstick. I've also come across a slew of new beauty retailers to shop. One of my absolute favorite discoveries during this time has been Dermstore.


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To be honest, I hadn't really heard of Dermstore before I started working at Who What Wear, and it's quickly become my go-to place to shop. Because I've always cared more about skincare than makeup, it's fun to browse the site and geek out over the dermatologist-recommended formulas and brands. It's really great that you can get some drugstore brands there, too, so it saves me a trip in these social-distancing times.

Want to see how I would shop at Dermstore? Take a look at some of the products I currently own from the retailer plus other items that are on my wish list, including a few of the team's favorite sunscreens and serums that are currently on sale.

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