I Hate Wearing Denim Shorts, But These Outfits Are Changing My Mind

Hate is a strong word, but I used to hate denim shorts. Every summer, I'd pretty much run and hide from them. My reason for spewing hate toward the shorts is that most pairs I've tried over the years tend to the shorter, tighter, and lower-rise end of the spectrum. If your body type is like mine where your thighs touch, you understand the struggle of walking around in short denim shorts on a hot day.

That said, this is the first year I've looked at denim shorts without immediately cringing. I've been noticing a plethora of denim shorts complete with longer hemlines and high-rise waists, and I've started to come around. Below, I'm sharing the outfits that are making me reconsider denim shorts, along with a few of the pairs I have sitting in my shopping cart.

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