I Think These 3 Priority Winter Buys Just Look Best With Jeans

There’s a strong change you have a go-to pair of jeans in your offering. On that note, you might even have a standard ensemble you typically wear with your favorite denim cut. Well, if you’re looking to mix it up a bit in the coming months, I’m here to showcase a few winter trends that I think look especially amazing with jeans.

Yep, the pieces in question are all fashion-forward and incredibly versatile to wear with a variety of items—denim included. I’m talking about everything from of-the-moment knitwear silhouettes to gorgeous outerwear picks. With all that I mind, I rounded up some inspiration imagery from some of my favorite fashion follows that showcase the priority winter buys that I think look A+ with jeans. Keep scrolling for more—you’ll also notice a smattering of shopping picks as well in case you’re looking to add something fresh into your offering.

1. Knit Polo

The best winter trends to wear with jeans



A knit polo tucked into jeans feels classic and of-the-moment.

Elevate your everyday jeans with a trend-forward polo and ankle boots.

2. Shacket

The best shacket



A shacket brings an effortlessness to a turtleneck and jeans uniform.

The best shacket to wear with jeans



Make a statement in a plaid shacket, jeans, and boots.

3. Bold Turtleneck

The best sweater to wear with jeans



A turtleneck and loose jean ensemble just works—comfortable and chic.

A turtleneck in a pretty hue is especially elevated with cropped jeans and booties.

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