There Are 5 Denim Brands I Wear—These Are the Best Styles From Each

There Are 5 Denim Brands I Wear—These Are the Best Styles From Each, Period


@smythsisters; Pictured: Levi's jeans

I, like many of you, live in jeans in my day-to-day life. Given my adoration for denim and also my role as a fashion editor, I’ve tested out a range of brands over the years. These days, there are actually five key labels that make up the bulk of my denim drawer. And sure, you may already have a few go-to lines, but if you’re interested in testing out something different, what’s coming your way might be intriguing.

The brands in question all feature a range of silhouettes. For reference, while I used to primarily wear black skinny jeans, I’ve shifted gears a bit and now gravitate toward looser styles in blue or indigo washes. But yes, I’ll still pull out my tried-and-true skinny jeans from time to time. With that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the five denim brands I wear. Of course, there are always other labels that I'm open to adding to my mix. I also decided to highlight some of my favorite styles from each (both men’s and women’s) for some shopping inspiration.

There Are 5 Denim Brands I Wear—These Are the Best Styles From Each, Period



As a preview, here I am in one of my favorite pairs of blue jeans from Madewell.


I have three specific styles from Madewell that are in constant rotation, including the style above. The brand's assortment is of-the-moment and wildly comfortable. My favorite straight-leg pick, for example, is roomy with just enough stretch that makes me want to just live in them.


You just can't go wrong with Levi's. The brand is classic, period. I typically buy mine (like this light-wash pair) from Nordstrom or Shopbop. I find that Nordstrom and Shopbop consistently have a solid offering to pick from.


I've worn Paige jeans for years and years. The black skinny jeans were some of my absolute must-haves because of their comfy stretch aspect. Aside from skinny jeans, the straight-leg finds and boot-cut silhouettes are also dreamy.


Another brand I've turned to for at least a decade is AllSaints. The washes here are current-feeling but also classic. The fit is also A+ and true to size. Just can't go wrong.

Mott & Bow

I started wearing Mott & Bow jeans about two years ago, and let me just say I'm in love. The jeans fit amazingly. They also really hold up in the wash.