25 Cotton Face Masks That Are Simply the Best, According to Reviews


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Who would have thought back in March that come fall, we would be scouting out the perfect masks that are both fashionable and comfortable? Yet here we are, wanting to ensure we keep you on trend and safe as we embrace our new norm. As fellow mask enthusiasts, we have compiled a list of the 25 cotton masks that are simply the best, according to reliable product reviews. To save you from opening up a million tabs on your browser and reading and re-reading an endless number of buyers' thoughts on the products, we did all the work for you. 

Ahead, get ready to shop all of the best cotton face masks on the market, according to real customer reviews. From simple colors to festive patterns, the 25 cotton masks ahead have been tried and tested by many before you, so we suggest you find the one you like best, add it to your cart, and never look back. 

"Cute, comfy & reasonably priced. I'll be getting some more of these in different colors so I can match with my outfits. Makes wearing a mask a little less annoying. I have issues with some masks being too big for my face, but these fit me great." — Customer Review 

"I am very happy to have found these. I have bought and tried so many different styles/brands and they have all been too big. It's true these are a bit on the smaller side, but they are just what I've been looking for. I like the fabric and I have found them to be comfortable and breathable. I also ordered them for my college-age daughter and they work for her as well." — Customer Review 

"Finally, one of the very few masks to fit my very small face. I have literally had to order kid masks in companies that make them. It is also very comfortable; probably my favourite mask along with the Katie May one." — Customer Review 

"They are thick quality and a very soft cotton mask similar to a good T-shirt material that is easily washed and dried in the laundry and comes out like any other clothing item. I noticed the pleats also seem to reduce sweat, unlike my other ones." — Customer Review 

"My husband and I both favor these masks over every other reusable mask we’ve worn. Lightweight with a removable filter, cut well around the nose as not to shift up into your eyes or cause glasses to fog up, flexible elastic that’s secure but doesn’t tug your ears. And 3 for $20 is really a good price as we’ll continue to wash and re-wear!" — Customer Review 

"I purchased this face mask set due to the design, and let me say, the tie-dye did not disappoint. The material is very soft and breathable. The ear loops make the mask fit securely against my face. I love that the variety of colors works for both men and women! I'm definitely a fan!" — Customer Review 

"I bought 5 black masks and I gave 2 to my daughters. We all agree they are extremely comfortable to wear. They also easily cover your face from right below your eyes to well below your chin. So, you don’t need to readjust the mask all the time. They are very breathable. The cotton is soft and feels comfortable for long periods of time." — Customer Review 

"I love that these masks are reusable and also really cute to pair with my outfits! They fit perfectly on my face and are pretty breathable as well. Will definitely be purchasing again for my sisters and mothers as well!" — Customer Review 

"Gorgeous mask!! Silky texture on outside, very well made, very comfortable fit. The best I have come across! Highly recommend." — Customer Review 

"I am really happy with my purchase of these masks. They are well made and the prints are exceptionally adorable. I like that there's an opening for a filter. It's soft and washable. Sometimes I find it difficult to achieve a good fit on a mask, but there's a bendable strip along the bridge of the nose for a custom fit. I'm definitely looking to buy more soon." — Customer Review 

"Love these! They're beautiful, dainty, and super well made. The adjustable ear loops make it easy to fit to your face." — Customer Review 

"Very thankful for this new little mouth cover. I drive during the bright part of the day, simply using it to avoid all the glare and UV rays on my face. It's extra soft, fits perfectly, and isn't too invasive." — Customer Review   

"I work at a restaurant as a cashier and out of all the mask I have used this one has been my favorite. I have also gotten many compliments on this mask. I will definitely buy more." — Customer Review 

"Found these to be very well made, comfortable, and fit well. Hand washed before wearing, dried relatively quick, and no color bleeding. Compared to another I purchased, prefer these (bought both the navy & khaki)! Also, arrived three days earlier than expected!" — Customer Review 

"I needed a mask to go to certain places that is a little safer than cloth masks. I love this mask! It's easy to clean. I love the ability to wear it with or without the filter and adjust it to my face. I just bought a second one." — Customer Review 

I own this mask and can't recommend it enough. It never makes me feel overheated on a warm summer day and is extremely comfortable. 

"I have extreme dust allergies and living in southern California doesn't help. This six-pack ensured that I have a mask at home, cars, office, and EDC bag." — Customer Review

"These are outstanding masks. Comfortable fit, lightweight, and from a reliable, well-known manufacturer. I've bought several different types of masks during the pandemic and these are by far the best." — Customer Review

"I own a lot of masks, but these are the most comfortable. The fabric is soft without being clingy. It's easy to talk while wearing it and its not as distracting as some." — Customer Review  

With every mask purchase, Lisa Says Gah will be donating $1 to the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank—$1 provides two meals to ensure that our most vulnerable neighbors get the food they need. Not a review, but a major flex. 

"Love these masks! They came quickly and they're great they're large enough but not too big they fit securely with the adjustable side strap and the fashion colors are great!" — Customer Review 

"Love how lightweight and breathable this mask is and that it has the option of adding a filter if I'm in a high-risk situation. The picture shows it tied around the ears, but I wear it near the crown of my head and the top of my neck. I've never had an issue with it falling off. Highly recommended." — Customer Review 

"Very soft and comfortable. I don't feel like it makes me claustrophobic, but yet I feel like it has proper coverage. 100% adjustable. No ear pain. Cute designs. Easy to wash and dry. Hugs perfectly under the chin. I tell everyone to get these!! I would say they run on the bigger side. I also have a small face. Great value! Buying more for loved ones!!" — Customer Review

"My girls and I all love these masks and ordered a second set. They are lightweight, comfortable, and such pretty colors." — Customer Review 

"The material is sturdy enough that the cloth keeps its shape and doesn't collapse on your face when you inhale as flimsier ones do. This makes it pretty comfortable, and also prevents movement while talking. No more shimmy down the face, or creeping up to your eyes when trying to talk. Mine have been through the wash several times, and are holding up well with no shrinking, fading, or fraying so far. I'm definitely planning to buy more." — Customer Review  

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