Your Official List of "Trendy" Basics to Buy in 2020

Trends are great and all, but have you ever discovered that something that is currently "trending" is sitting in your very own closet? If you haven't, you're about to. As we've touched on quite a lot this past year, there has been a drastic shift in the industry toward a more wearable wardrobe. This includes tons of pieces that, up until now, we considered basics or wardrobe staples. But when those staples start to, well, trend, then we've hit the sweet spot. 

Today, we're here to report on the eight "trendy" basics that everyone will be wearing in 2020. The best thing about the items on this list is that buying into each is buying into a better wardrobe overall versus a one-off trend you could maybe wear once or twice. Purchasing long tailored shorts, a fresh button-down shirt, or heeled loafers, for example, is really putting all your money back into a wardrobe that will serve you for seasons on end. And in case you already own all of the below, well then consider yourself lucky (and extremely stylish). 

Long Shorts

Basic Clothing 2020: Long Shorts



Longer shorts have worked their way into both the suiting and basics worlds in 2020. Embrace longer hemlines and get ready for all of your T-shirts and tanks to look 10 times cooler this spring. 

Tube Top

The '90s have felt "back" for a while now, but the S/S 20 collections unearthed things like shoulder bags and (drumroll, please) tube tops. These strapless comfy wonders are the perfect counterpart to any of the bottoms you'll see in any trend guide moving forward.

Button-Down Shirts

Basic Clothing 2020



Classic button-down shirts are the multi-hit wonder that surely you already have sitting in your closet. What once might have felt like the most boring item sitting in your closet now embodies all things chic and polished this season. 

Heeled Loafers

Grandma style is another major movement that is here to stay, and the spring runways proved that heeled loafers are the freshest way to channel all things granny this season. 

Denim Skirt

Basic Clothing 2020: Denim Skirt



Long denim skirts have finally made their triumphant return to the fashion scene, and we're loving the subtle styling that we've seen so far on Instagram. From Canadian tuxedos to simple tanks, this is one skirt trend we are more than here for. 

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are a prominent handbag style that is both practical and completely on trend. We are currently loving the '90s-inspired shapes, but we've seen many more iterations featuring everything from chain straps to croissant shapes

Slip Dress

Basic Clothing 2020: Slip Dress



Slip dresses are a style you're probably very familiar with, but thanks to the runways pretty much shoving in our faces that lingerie-inspired dressing is here to stay, we are really leaning into the idea of more boudoir-esque slip dresses in 2020.

Baseball Hat

Basic Clothing 2020: Baseball Hat



Shocked to see baseball hats make this list? If you don't already own one, the good news is that your significant other or your dad might, or you can snag one on the cheap from Amazon as seen below. We promise this trend will quietly creep its way into your wardrobe, and before you know it, you'll be wanting to wear one every day.