What Stylish Women Around the World Are Buying for Winter

We know it's all too easy to reach for the same black boots and puffer jacket every day during the winter. But before you reside yourself to your cold-weather uniform, let me interject with a fresh round of shopping ideas for winter. In case you've been out of the loop, there are so many exciting winter trends happening at the moment that will make layering up so much more fun.

Up until now, we've mostly been focusing on the winter trends we're seeing stateside. But with so much to love about shopping this season (coats! sweaters!), I was curious to see what stylish women from around the world are adding to their carts right now. Remember the last time we did this story? If not, be sure to get caught up before you read the winter edition. From Madrid to Dubai and Mumbai to Tokyo, the following items will be a big hit, if this is any indication. Keep reading to find out what's trending worldwide and to shop the best clothes for winter right from each of their carts.