Stylish New Yorkers Own at Least 3 Versions of This Fall Trend

Living in New York is no walk in the park. Yes, New Yorkers walk in parks, but getting there is no easy feat. Between the subways, crowded streets, and constantly fluctuating temperatures, doing anything in this city takes some serious gumption. With that in mind, when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, the last thing New Yorkers need to stress about is whether or not their look du jour will be suitable for what the day ahead might throw at them. If there's any fall trend that can truly do it all—keep you warm, keep you stylish, and keep you comfortable—it's chunky knits.

Since this is not one of the most hyped-up fall trends of 2018, we wanted to draw some fresh attention to it so it doesn't go unnoticed by you or the New Yorkers who forgot about the versatile item they probably have sitting in storage. If there's one basic you invest in this season, we highly encourage you to buy not one, but multiple chunky knits. Because if you ask any New Yorker, they own at least three, and that's a fact. Ahead, you'll see a roundup of some of our favorite New York It girls rocking the style in more ways you even knew were possible. With everything from bike shorts to pastel pants and back again, this sweater is constantly proving to be one of the easiest pieces to wear in our wardrobes, and we have these NYC ladies to prove it.