NYC Girls Won't Waste Time on These Fall Shoe Trends


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There are certain people who just inherently get the whole “style” thing. NYC girls, you know I’m in large part talking about you here. I honestly consider this fashion set to be the ultimate treasure trove of inspiration. Whether it’s their cool personal style, their shopping expertise, or the simple fact that they’re immersed in a fashion capital that radiates style from its core, this crew just always commands my attention.

Instead of going on and on, I decided to put my NYC-girl fascination to good use and tap some of my favorites for fall style advice, specifically on shoe trends. Given their fine taste, I ventured a guess that you’d be interested in not only the silhouettes they’re loving but the styles they’re hating, as well. Because sometimes you just need that second opinion if you’re on the fence about a particular trend, am I right? From designers to editors to influencers, the badass women ahead will give you all the inspiration needed to make your perfect shoe(s) purchase this season.

Won't Wear: Basic Flats Will Wear: Western Boots


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“I’m going to be leaving my basic flats at home this season. There’s so much excitement and newness we are seeing for fall footwear in textures, embellishment, embroidery, cuts, and colors. I’m obsessed with the modern cowboy-inspired western boot trend that is new for the season—I’ll be wearing them with dresses, jeans and a T-shirt, skirts—anything and everything!” — Caroline Maguire, Fashion Director, Shopbop

Won't Wear: "New-Age" Sneakers Will Wear: Crystal-Fringe Heels


(Image credit: @laurenegg)

“This fall, I’m steering clear of the whole new-age sneaker trend. I love seeing it on other people, but I’d much rather invest in other shoe trends this season that feel more my style. Currently, I’m obsessing over crystal fringe heels. Okay, so maybe it might not be the most practical fall trend in the book, but it’s one that makes me smile, and that’s good enough for me.” — Lauren Eggertsen, Fashion Editor, Who What Wear

Won't Wear: Geometric Heels Will Wear: Clean Sneakers


(Image credit: @tylauren)

“For fall, I’m all about the perfect sneaker because I’m always out and about, and you can make sneakers work with everything. Personally, I’ll be staying away from geometric heels.” — Tyla Lauren, Influencer

Won't Wear: Thigh-High Boots Will Wear: Unique Booties


(Image credit: @sarahfromnewyork)

“The shoe trend I won’t wear is thigh-high boots. I think they really had their time last fall, but I’m not sure I’ll be into them this time around. I’d rather wear sneakers or Dr. Martens. I’m also definitely looking forward to wearing unique booties and platform ankle boots every single day.” — Sarah Torkornoo, Writer and Influencer

Won't Wear: Maximalist Sneakers Will Wear: Architectural Sneakers


(Image credit: @rachelbesser)

“If you know me, you know that I’m always ready to support any shoe trend deemed ‘ugly.’ That said, one trend I will not be wearing this season is maximalist sneakers. I love architectural, sleek, strange sneakers, but when they’re just a pile of logos, embellishments, and useless straps, I’m out." — Rachel Besser, Editor and Co-Founder, Baggy

Won't Wear: Chunky Sneakers Will Wear: White Cowboy Boots


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"This season chunky sneakers are still sticking around, but I think I am going to give mine a little break and switch to a white cowboy boot. I am planning to treat my white boots like sneakers and wear them with anything, everywhere—with dresses, jeans, sweatpants, leggings, you name it. I envy little girls that walk around in their red cowboy boots and Gymboree dresses so why can't I?" — Bianca Valle, Influencer

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