9 Fall Outfit Trends New Yorkers Are Already Wearing

New York Fashion Week was filled with both trends to come and trends to try immediately, but if there's one thing NYC girls do best, it's exercise practicality. Instead of obsessing over the S/S 19 trends everyone will be wearing in six months' time, I decided to shift my focus toward what the ladies of NYFW were wearing right now, in an effort to inform my unfortunately still pending fall wardrobe (and yours too!). In my opinion, that was a very New York thing to do.

Ahead, I rounded up nine of my favorite outfit trends spotted throughout NYFW. When broken down, these outfit formulas instantly become more approachable and can act as your official guide while planning which items your fall wardrobe will need. Prepare to see trend-driven pieces like snakeskin pants and cowboy boots accompanied by familiar faces such as structured blazers and faux-fur jackets. If you ask me, the current fall outfit trends spotted in NYC are the perfect blend of the classic items you already have hanging in your closet and the trends everyone's talking about. If that isn't the definition of the perfect seasonal wardrobe, I don't know what is.