Celebrities Ages 14 to 80 Can't Stop Wearing These Trends

I get kind of bummed when I hear women say they believe they can’t wear something strictly because of how they look. I understand having preferences—I prefer to look a certain way in my clothing, and naturally that influences what I buy and what trends I follow—but hard and fast “rules” around things like body type, height, or age are way too limiting on our senses of personal style. In the case of the latter specifically, the celebrities below might disagree with those restrictions as well.

Dressing for your age is not exactly a concept the women below subscribe to. Instead, while perusing the amazing style among Hollywood’s freshest and most seasoned personalities, I spotted six trends that know no age limitation. And rightfully so, because from 80-year-old icons to 14-year-old up-and-comers, each of the women below knows how to make an intrepid trend all their own.