7 Designer Luggage Sets That Are Actually Worth the Investment

After months spent cozying up at home doing everything possible to stay warm, the temperatures are finally starting to rise, putting us in the mood to put a few new getaways on our calendar. Of course, as fashion lovers, having a chic designer luggage set (along with the perfect airport outfit) is the perfect way to get yourself a travel photo that could rival the likes of your favorite influencers.

While what you pack inside your suitcase is pivotal for a stylish vacation, luxe luggage will ensure your trip is fashionable from the moment you leave for the airport to when you return home. We know investing in quality luggage can put a major dent in your bank account, but designer luggage will never go out of style. If you’re ready to upgrade your travel style, scroll down below to shop complete designer luggage sets.

Now that you’re all set, add a chic backpack for all your carry-on necessities.