25 Cardigans I Spotted on My Instagram Feed (and Can't Stop Thinking About)

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I’ve been a social media editor and writer for quite some time. Still, there are two things I don’t necessarily love to share: the first being my screen-time report, and the second being how easily influenced I am by the internet. As embarrassing as it is to admit that just a few posts can sway me to try a trend, I must say I’m equally grateful for all the great fashion brands and jewelry brands I stumbled upon thanks to the ’gram. In truth, social media allows us to discover both ideas (and items) we may have never otherwise stumbled upon. And while there’s an endless wave of content and micro-trends as of late, the only thing that catches my attention in the explore feed these days is cardigans.  

Yes, cardigans are not a new thing—the style has been around since the 1800s—but a few specific cardigan trends seem as if they’ve gone viral as of 2020. So ahead, I’m sharing both the posts I’ve saved and the best cardigans I’ve spotted on my Instagram feed.

Best cardigans on Instagram



From influencers in Australia to London, women worldwide have been seriously making me want to buy a colorful cardigan with faux-fur trim. Whether you opt for the original version from the sustainable U.K.-based brand, House of Sunny, or a similar piece from elsewhere, you can’t go wrong with this global favorite. 

House of Sunny’s viral Pacific Peggy cardigan is on preorder because it’s that popular.

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up like a warm burrito in this cardigan?

It’s not faux fur, but the ostrich feathers on this cardigan are just as fun.

Best cardigans on Instagram that went viral



I’m a sucker for any piece that feels remotely unique. Time and time again, I’ve stopped mid-scroll when I’ve found a cardigan that has unusual buttons. From pearls to animal-shaped clasps, my inner school girl can’t stop thinking about all the beautiful buttons.

If my cardigan is going to look like it’s barely holding on, it better be holding on by a row of pearl buttons.

BRB, spending the rest of my life dreaming of this cardigan.  

These dinosaur-shaped closures are proving that cardigans are in no way extinct.

It seems that extended quarantine has not only rebooted our love for crafts but also  DIY-inspired looks, including chunky knit cardigan sweaters. With so many great handmade knitwear brands on Instagram (not to mention brands where you can even make your own cardigan), it makes perfect sense that chunky knit styles have bubbled up everywhere.

The moment I spotted this colossal knit cardigan from Hope Macaulay, I knew I needed it. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one, as it’s on preorder at the moment.

Pair this cardigan-inspired dress with some hot cocoa, and you’ve got the perfect holiday outfit. 

Even grandma will want to get her hands on this floral cardigan.

Best cardigans on Instagram that went viral



I promise I’m not a cardigan fiend—it’s just that how could anyone not be mildly obsessed with ruffle cardigans? It’s basically the perfect trend because it’s one part Carrie Bradshaw and one part grandma-inspired.

Imagine this with your favorite light-wash jeans.

I’m particularly obsessed with this cardigan’s light-pink velvet ruffle edges.

Best cardigans on Instagram that went viral



Whether a duster cardigan or cropped, the one thing that lives in my mind rent-free is two-toned cardigans. It’s like color-blocking but in knit form, and I’m honestly loving it.

Leave it to Donni to make the only cardigan I want to live in for the rest of winter.

This Staud cardigan piece takes the statement “double the trouble” to a whole new meaning.

We’ve seen knit sets bubbling up across social platforms for the past year, but I’m particularly obsessed with the cardigan and matching tank and bralette versions. It feels like an homage to early ’00s fashion but way more polished.

Khaite, in many ways, made the knit bra and cardigan a thing again. After all, who wouldn’t want to cop this cardigan and the matching Khaite Eda Cashmere Soft-Cup Bra ($520)? But if you’re on a budget, this River Island Cable Knit Bralet and Cardi Set in Beige ($78) will also do the trick.

Was it just me, or did this cardigan-duster set also make your heart skip a beat? 

Don’t forget to style this with the Wilfred Sicily Cardigan ($98).

Best cardigans on Instagram that went viral



Another cardigan trend I’ve seen all over social and feel susceptible to buying into is collared versions. It’s an homage to prep school uniforms, which automatically earns an A+ in my books.

Um, where was this cardigan when I was in school?

I haven’t been okay since I stumbled upon this Helmut Lang cropped collar cardigan.

Best cardigans on Instagram that went viral



If you’ve made it this far and you’re thinking, “Why is this woman stanning cardigans so hard?” Well, it’s because the newest iterations of this wardrobe staple are by far the best yet. With details like asymmetrical buttons, to cropped cuts and cutouts, the cardigan has found new life both in the Instagram feed and beyond.

The asymmetrical button cardigan has become one of the most Instagram-friendly pieces. And while the original, über popular Jacquemus version is sold out, I’ve got my eyes on this one. 

Speaking of Jacquemus, I can’t stop thinking about this cropped cardigan.

Cute, cropped, and crazy cheap? Hello, cardigan sweater of my dreams.