This Summery Micro-Trend Is Dominating My Feed Right Now

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Half the time when a trend emerges, it's a style that's basically brand new, but the other half of that is when a trend starts to take hold that's really just an updated version of what's already on our radar. We've seen this before with micro-trends like leather Bermuda shorts as an update to regular Bermuda shorts, for example, and it just so happens that another such micro-trend is showing up this summer. Not just showing up, but dominating. It's gotten to the point where I can no longer ignore it (I swear it's basically internet-stalking me). Yep, statement bucket hats are the new micro-trend that's really, truly everywhere right now.

We first published a story on bucket hats back in 2018—so, yes, I'm aware that the hats themselves are hardly new—but this summer is ushering in a new wave of them that deserves its own category. These new toppers are all about eye-catching prints like florals, tie-dye, and polka dots and they come in an array of bright colors that make the hat such a summer-ready accessory.

I've already spotted so many cool outfit ideas in this summer's best bucket hats from the fashion girls in my feed, styling them with all their everything from dresses to swimsuits, and generally selling me on the trend. To see this new micro-trend in action and shop my picks, just keep scrolling.

Style Tip: With plenty of brands like Faithfull the Brand and LPA making hats, dresses, and swimsuits in the same print, it's never been easier to coordinate your entire outfit.

Style Tip: Not only will a bright hat level-up your swimsuit looks but it will protect your skin from damaging UV rays.

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Style Tip: Staying within the same color family ensures your look is cohesive.

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Style Tip: Load up on the jewelry—bright bucket hats happen to play especially well with of-the-moment pearls and chains.

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Style Tip: Give off your casual summer dresses a trendy element by throwing on a colorful hat.

gingham bucket hat trend



Style Tip: There's nothing more classic than gingham in the summer—married to a bucket hat it just feels right.

Style Tip: When it comes to this trend, bolder the print, the better the hat.

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Style Tip: Try a plain canvas hat if the rest of your outfit is busy.

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Style Tip: A little bit of neon really does go a long way.