"Your Brows Look Amazing" Is All You'll Hear After Using These 10 Brow Gels

As a beauty editor, my makeup kit is filled to the brim with brow products of all sizes, shapes, and formulas. There's a time and place for each of them, but if I'm being honest, I have a favorite, and that's brow gel. It's the one brow product I use almost every single day and often without any other pencils and pomades to go with it. There's simply nothing else that can define, volumize, and shape my arches in a single swipe.

As I've gotten older and taken a more natural approach to my daily makeup look, I've come to love brow gel even more. After all, full and fluffy brows are the key to looking polished—whether I'm wearing only concealer and lip balm that day or a full face of makeup. Because of this, I have over 15 brow gels lying around (yes, I counted), and I've tested way more than that. I'm guessing over 75. I feel somewhat qualified to share the best ones based on my own experience, word-of-mouth recommendations from other beauty editors, and internet reviews. Keep scrolling to see them all!

What to Look for in a Brow Gel

With so many brow gels out there, choosing the right one relies heavily on your brow goals. Do you want volume? Choose one with fibers that will attach to your natural hairs and plump any sparse areas. Do you want definition? Choose one that's tinted to deposit color. Do you want the laminated look? Choose one that has more of a waxy texture to keep your brow hairs locked in place all day long. Below, see the best product picks across all of these categories and more. 

Best Overall: Glossier Boy Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel-Pomade

No surprise here, but Glossier Boy Brow beats out the rest. There's just no other brow gel that has stayed in my makeup bag for as long as this one has. It's been my go-to for years thanks to a formula that fluffs, defines, and shapes my brows while still looking incredibly natural. As a testament to the formula, I can use the clear shade, and it still makes my brows look naturally full—no tint necessary.

Promising review: "This brow gel pomade is amazing. It will transform whatever little bit of brow hair you may have, into fuller brows, it’s magic. The formula lasts all day through heat and sweat!" — Sephora customer

Associate beauty editor Kaitlyn McLintock wearing Glossier. 

Best Drugstore: Essence Make Me Brow

This tiny tube, which costs less than my standard morning latte (sigh), is filled with microfibers that fill, define, and volumize sparse brows for a bold effect. Don't let the word "bold" scare you, though. It creates a look that will make people compliment your brows, not ask what's in them. 

Promising review: "I have loved this product for years! It's so incredibly inexpensive and the pigment is crazy. A little definitely goes a long way and it stays all day long!" — Ulta customer

Best Hold: Refy Brow Sculpt Shape and Hold Gel With Lamination Effect

If you want the laminated effect, AKA sleek and brushed-up brows with long-lasting staying power, this gel is the one for you. It was created to mimic the effect of brow lamination without the hassle of salon visits… not to mention the cost. In fact, it's a gel-wax hybrid, so once your brows are set, they're not moving anywhere. I also love that it has a dual-ended comb. Use one side to apply the product and the other to comb it up and out. 

Promising review: "Hands down my favorite brow gel. This changed the game for me and I always get compliments asking if I laminate my brows. I use the gel first, then brush my brows upward, then finish off with the comb." — Sephora customer

Best Defining: Iconic London Liquid Brow Silk Max Hold Gel

This one holds my brow hairs in place well. To me, though, the definition it offers is really what sets it apart. Each time I swipe this through my brows, the tiny brush separates each brow hair and creates a super-defined, shapely look. That's why I love using this on no-makeup makeup days. It makes me look polished even if it's one of the only products on my face. My only complaint is that it deposits a lot of product if you don't wipe the brush off on the lip of the tube first. So be sure to do that. 

Promising review: "It starts to hold pretty quickly, my brows don't feel sticky or crispy, I rubbed them with a dry paper towel and they still held firm. I found the formula actually left my brows looking darker and enriched." — Sephora customer

Associate beauty editor Kaitlyn McLintock wearing Iconic London.

Best Volumizing: Merit Brow 1980 Volumizing Eyebrow Pomade Gel

The secret to this densifying brow gel is, somewhat surprisingly, kaolin clay and mineral pigments. Together, these unexpected ingredients build natural-looking color and beef up sparse brows. 

Promising review: "So I grew up in the '90s and way over-tweezed my brows for years. Over the last three years, I have worked very hard to grow them back and although still a little sparse I have found a routine that works for me. But this… This adds the "fluff of volume" that brows like mine need." — Sephora customer

Best Hydrating/Growth-Boosting: Ami Colé Ultra-Flex Clear Eyebrow Shaping Gel

There's only one word for this brow gel, and that's natural. It's basically undetectable thanks to its color (or lack thereof) and its flexible formula that never feels stiff, heavy, or crunchy. If you know, you know. The best part is that it uses banana-peel extract, baobab-seed extract, and hibiscus flower to support hair growth, hydrate, and nourish hair follicles. So yeah, it can actually make your brows better over time. 

Promising review: "New go-to brow gel! It actually lives up to its claims—it doesn't flake and actually does help hydrate so brows aren't dry or flaky on their own over time. Plus, I usually have patchy kind of sparse brows, but it's helped them fill in as I've used it. I'm really impressed and repurchasing!" — Sephora customer

Associate beauty editor Kaitlyn McLintock wearing Ami Colé.

Best Brown: Kosas Air Brow Tinted Clean Volumizing Eyebrow Gel

Not only does this product make my brows look full, fluffy, and weightless, but it also has five different shades of brown to cater to every shade and undertone. This is one of my personal favorite brow gels, and I don't say that lightly. 

Promising review: "I've been using this every day since I got this! My eyebrows are naturally thin with some sparse areas at the tail. I apply with a light hand and my brows look so good and natural!" — Sephora customer

Associate beauty editor Kaitlyn McLintock wearing Kosas.

Best Black: Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel in Espresso and Granite

The thing I appreciate most about this brow gel is the nuance in its shade range. There are two different shades of black. The first is called Espresso, and it has a warm undertone. The second is called Granite, and it has a cool undertone. No two shades of black are the same, so I appreciate that the brand has factored undertones into the situation. 

Promising review: "Love the multi tones that make it look so natural! Goes on super easy. Can build it up with more swipes or leave it light with less. My only complaint is its not transfer or sweat proof." — Ulta customer

Best Red: Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in Auburn

Finding the right tinted brow gel is hard enough, but when you have red tones in your hair, it's even harder. Many brands just don't cater to the color. Luckily, there's the Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel. The shade Auburn is on point, complementing and defining red brows without looking like it's, well, there. Plus, the formula has volumizing fibers, so you'll get fluffy, compliment-worthy arches. 

Promising review: "I love the auburn shade, it's literally perfect for my red hair. However, I feel like the wand is just a smidgen too big for my liking, but that's probably because I have really skinny brows from waxing in the 00s. Other than that, it's transfer-proof, and wears well." — Sephora customer

Best Gray: Benefit Gimme Brow+ Tinted Volumizing Eyebrow Gel in Cool Grey 

This is one of Sephora's best-selling eyebrow gels, and I'm not surprised at all. Thanks to a truly epic shade range, this product caters to almost every single hair color, including gray. It fills in any sparse spots without looking obvious or overdone. Plus, the tiny wand doesn't pick up too much product, which is a personal pet peeve. 

Promising review: "This product keeps my brows down and in control. It also adds just the right amount of color to them." — Sephora customer