My Brows Are My Most Complimented Feature—These Are the 12 Products I Credit

If there's one thing I know to be true, it's that eyebrows aren't unchanging. Even if you think your brows have maintained the same size, shape, and density for years, look at old photos, and I guarantee you'll notice a difference. I know I did. And yet I was under the impression they'd looked the same since high school, a time when I went through an unfortunate obsession with eyebrow waxing. 

The only thing that hasn't changed is that I'm picky about my eyebrows and rarely allow anyone else to work on them. That's because they're my favorite facial feature, and whenever I get compliments on them, it only reinforces my desire to keep them looking pristine—or as pristine as I can get them, anyway. Luckily, I have my brow routine down pat. From growth-boosting serums to expert grooming tools and the most natural-looking makeup products, I think I've nailed the perfect product lineup for eyebrow maintenance. Keep scrolling to see it and my personal brow evolution.


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Let's start here. Sometime around 2019, I embraced bold and defined eyebrows. I used deep brown and charcoal brow pencils to shape and fill in my brows. I also neglected my tweezers altogether and let my brows grow however they saw fit, as evidenced by the rogue hairs under my arches and toward the ends of my eyebrows. 


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Cut to somewhere in 2020 or 2021. I opted for cooler, lighter brow makeup for a slightly less defined look. I also started reintroducing tweezers into my routine, shaping the arches and the tail ends of my eyebrows to make them look slightly longer and more narrow. 


(Image credit: @kaitlyn_mclintock)

In 2023, my brows are still full and dark but slightly more arched and subtle-looking. I'm happy with their shape and volume, and it's all thanks to a few nonnegotiable products I keep in my kit at all times. Keep scrolling to see and shop them all. 

Brow Serums

I've been obsessed with this French brow serum for years. It's one of the only serums I consistently see visible results from. In as little as six weeks, it promises to stimulate new growth and enhance the natural pigmentation of the eyebrows for added definition. It's all thanks to a plant complex of witch hazel, apple, nettle, horse chestnut, and St. John's Wort. There are also peptides and silk proteins to prevent shedding and protect brows from damage. 

I'll purchase one of these little miracle-working serums about twice a year, apply it morning and night for about two months, and wait to see the results. It's so easy, and I'm never disappointed. By the way, I'm also obsessed with the brand's lash serum. It works in a similar way and is the reason I don't feel like I need to wear mascara every day.

Brow Pencils

This, my friends, is my original eyebrow pencil. Who What Wear Beauty Director Erin Jahns recommended it to me a million years ago when we first started in the beauty industry, and I've been loyal to it ever since. I don't know if it's the budge-proof formula or the natural-looking, gray-toned shade, but it never fails to provide a hair-like effect.

This brow pencil is a more recent addition to my brow routine. I only started using it this year, but it was love at first swipe. The medium-brown shade I use is so natural-looking it's almost indistinguishable from my real hair. Then there's the ultra-fine point of the pencil. Because it's so tiny, I'm able to create impossible thin, hair-like strokes on the arch and tail end of my brows. 

While I don't think this brow pencil is as good as the others for creating super detailed, hair-like strokes, I still love using it when my brows need major filling in. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like my brows go through stages of being super dense and then sparse. It's during those sparse stages that I'll reach for this pencil. The angled tip makes it easy to work in broad strokes. 

Brow Gel

In my opinion, this brow gel is vastly overrated. My brows look instantly lifted, fluffed, and defined when I use it. They also stay put for hours, which is why I swear by it for achieving a temporary laminated look. One thing worth noting is that the formula looks bright white on the brush but dries clear on the brows. Sometimes, I'll wipe some of the product off the brush before combing it through my brows for a more subtle effect. 

What can I say about this product that hasn't already been said? It's a classic for a reason. Not only does it lift, fluff, and define my brows, but it also adds density so they look extra thick and full. It's been a go-to brow gel for years, and I don't think that will change anytime soon. 

If I want to embrace that super-laminated Instagram brow look, I reach for this gem. It costs less than a large latte, yet it sculpts, holds, and feathers my brow hairs effortlessly. It also stays put for hours, so I never have to worry about touchups. 

Brow Concealer & Highlighter

The best way to make your brows look pristine is to use a concealer-highlighter combo as the final step in your makeup routine. I like this one because it has a fine-tipped pencil for detailed application. I like to conceal along the top of my eyebrows and highlight underneath them. It's the best finishing touch. 

Brow Grooming Tools

While I never use a magnifying mirror for makeup, I do use one when tweezing and shaping my eyebrows. I like that this one is lighted and offers 10x magnification to help me get every little rogue hair I wouldn't otherwise be able to see. It might seem unnecessary if you've never used one before, but it's a game-changer, trust me. 

A good pair of tweezers is a must. These have a pointed tip that grips the tiniest of hairs. 

Listen, I use a spoolie every single day, so instead of using a cheap plastic one, I like to invest in something sturdy that will last me a long time. This one from Jenny Patinkin is dual-ended. The spoolie is on one end, and a super-fine line brush is on the other. If you like to use brow pomades, this is a must.

Never underestimate the power of a brow trim. My brow hairs are naturally long, so trimming them just a little every so often makes them look polished and refined.

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Kaitlyn McLintock
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