I Always Get Compliments on My Eyebrows—These Are the Products I Swear By

The best eyebrow products to buy



We've talked at length about the huge role eyebrows play in framing the face. Determining the shape you should go for is one thing, but maintaining that shape between grooming appointments can be a whole undertaking in itself. And as someone who takes her brow game very seriously, I can personally attest to the fact that my arsenal of brow products is as important to me as any other makeup I own.

I'll admit that my full eyebrows are genetic (thanks, Dad!), but I'm still forever flattered whenever anyone throws a compliment my way. Even though I am genetically blessed with bountiful brows, I've still had to put in some work to achieve optimal bushiness. After years of waxing and tweezing my poor eyebrows to the brink of extinction, I'm coming to you as a trauma survivor to tell you that there's hope for you yet. I've tried it all, so I consider myself particularly apt at identifying which products are all talk and which products live up to the hype. Ahead, the ones I couldn't live without.


Best Eyebrow Products: Pencils



This two-sided pencil requires a little more finesse, but it's truly a miracle worker. On the one side, you've got a perfectly waxy pencil to define your arch or create hair-like strokes. Then, on the other side, you've got a small felt-tipped loose powder applicator to blend it all together. Chef's kiss.

This no-nonsense brow pencil is the perfect basic to buy in multiples. The spooly brush on the end makes it a multifunctional tool that can be employed at any step of my brow-grooming routine. I keep one at home, in my purse, and at my desk so I can use it for quick touch-ups no matter where I'm headed.


When it comes to brow powders, this one by Anastasia is the cream of the crop. No surprises here! I go in with the darker shade and an angled brush to outline my brows and add a bit of drama. Then, I'll tap the lighter shade into any sparse areas in the center for complete fullness. If, like me, you tend to wait a month or two between professional shapings, then this method makes it a lot easier to conceal rogue hairs and fake expertly groomed brows, no matter how long it's been since your last cleanup.

I love the freedom of brows on the go, so I'm a big fan of this affordable offering from NYX. Having powders, wax, and tiny tools all encased in one mighty little kit makes it super easy to throw this in my bag and apply whenever I've got a free moment. While the brush included here isn't my favorite (it's a little stiff for my taste), there's no denying the genius of this compact.


Best Eyebrow Products: pens



I can't say enough good things about this pen. It's the perfect device to achieve that super-chic bushy look without coming off too severe. The fine tip allows you to flick hair-like lines into the brows, one at a time, to slowly build the most natural-looking brows imaginable. It takes some practice to get the hang of this pen, but once you get that wrist flick down, you're unstoppable. Seriously, buy this.

This four-pronged felt-tip pen mimics the effects of micro-bladed brows by placing clusters of thin, hair-like ink wherever you place it. I love it for adding natural volume to the sparse front end of my brows.


This little pot of deeply pigmented pomade makes for the perfect travel companion since it can create any number of brow looks. Whether you're looking for a brow to accompany a full face beat, or you just want to lightly fill in sparse areas, this set is a winner.

Can we just have a brief moment of silence for this holy-grail product? I mean, it just doesn't get better. I have gone through more of these pots than I can count throughout my eyebrow journey, and every time I come back to it after some time away, I'm reminded of its magic. It's helped me through the wonkiest, awkward phases of growing out my brows.


Best Eyebrow Products: gels



Aside from being my all-time favorite Glossier product, Boy Brow is among my favorite beauty products, period. It comes in a clear version, but I prefer the tinted gel to quickly fill and hold my brows. The tiny brush head makes it easy to coat each and every hair for all-day efficacy.

When it come to long-lasting, firm-hold products, this one tops the list. I spotted it on my mom's vanity a few years back and when I tried it out for myself, it was love at first swipe.

I prefer tinted gels to clear ones for one main reason: Clear gels have a tendency to flake. This is one of the few clear gels I've used that doesn't.

Growth Serum

Maybe it's an old wives' tale, but I've been conditioned from an early age to use castor oil wherever sparse hair is concerned. The natural substance has long been lauded as the most potent topical solutions for promoting hair growth, and this nutrient-dense formula is not only effective but ethically sourced.


Best Eyebrow Products to buy



When it comes to tweezers, I'm a Tweezerman purist. I can't remember a time since I was a teenager when I didn't have a pair of these quality hair nabbers in my arsenal. They last for so long that I honestly only buy new ones when I want a new color or design.

I don't know what it is about this angled brush, but it's truly the best one I've ever used. The bristles are both soft and dense, making it the perfect tool to pick up both powders and pomades without issue. The spooly on the opposite end is also great to blending out any harsh lines and keeping everything looking nice and natural. 

Speaking of high-quality tools, this double-edged brush from Sephora is another one I've had on hand for years. Believe it or not, I purchased this brush when I was in college, and it's still a go-to all these years later. I love the eyelash comb component, for creating lengthy, separated lashes in addition to expertly groomed eyebrows.

Up next, six all-natural ways to grow thicker eyebrows.

This article was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.