These 15 Blanket Scarves Will Transform All Your Winter Looks


(Image credit: @nycbambi)

The best part of Lenny Kravitz’s scarf meme is that we have all thought about going on with a larger-than-life scarf out into the world when it’s just too cold outside. Because why wouldn’t we want more fabric protecting us from annoying gusts of wind? However, instead of opting for what seems to be a literal blanket, we go for oversize blanket scarves or rectangular blanket scarves. You know, the ones that are still pretty big but not necessarily meme-worthy. They are also sometimes what makes or breaks a winter ensemble. Blanket scarves always add a nice touch to your outfit, whether it be via color or texture. From bold colors and prints (hi, plaid!) to chunky knits or fringe, they’re crucial to your outfit because contrary to your other layers, which can be easily hidden with an overcoat, it’s out there for all the world to see (and decide if it can be a meme).

Jokes aside, we believe that everybody should own at least one blanket scarf because you never know how much you needed one until you actually purchase one and face a cold day together. To aid in your shopping journey, we rounded up the best 15 blanket scarves at every price range we could find on the internet so that you can find the one you either want to add to your scarf repertoire or want to change your life when it comes to winter coziness. Go ahead and shop before winter catches you by surprise.

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