Yes, These Boots Are Still a Major Trend in 2018


(Image credit: @handinfire)

Among the many boot trends that come and go every year, a handful manage to stick around a few seasons (or longer) beyond their inception. If there’s one trend from recent years that fashion girls still can’t get enough of, it’s black sock boots—versatile enough to be worn with anything while also modern enough to feel fresh. It’s easy to see why we’ve seen this particular style on everyone from our favorite celebs to the coolest of the fashion set.

When we first saw these chic (and comfortable) boots on the runways a few seasons ago, we knew the standout style was worth noting. Sleek and ultra-flattering, the silhouette was different enough to be special without feeling too “out there” for everyday wear. Now, it seems as though every fashion girl and her mother has a pair of her own, and yes, they’re as good as they were when we first saw them.

In the case you didn’t hop onto the sock-boot bandwagon when they first blew up, time has demonstrated that this is one boot trend worth investing in. So, we pulled together the coolest ones to wear all season long. Check them out below.

You won't regret adding these to your fall boot collection in the least.

Dale Arden Chong