Jean Jackets Are My Weakness—Here Are 27 Black Options I'm Eyeing for Winter

These Are The 27 Best Black Jean Jackets For Women


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Not to brag, but I'm something of a jacket expert. I pull my collection out of storage the second the temperature drops below 60 degrees and honestly, I feel a thrill every time I do it each season. Do I need even more than I already have? Probably not. Are black jean jackets at the top of my shopping list? Yes. 

I'm normally a fan of exclusively wearing my leather jacket in the fall and winter, but I think that a darker denim iteration will give my closet a much-needed update this season. Maybe it's because my style took a turn for the comfortable over the last few months, but the relaxed look and feel of a jean jacket are so appealing to me right now. And because I have little to no self-control, I've found 17 of the best options right here. 

This list includes everything from classic iterations to oversized fits that will make layering a breeze this season. And don't even get me started on black denim shirt jackets. I have a small pile of them growing in my wardrobe and I am keen to buy more—but only if they're made from black denim. Keep scrolling to check out all of my favorite picks. 

Slight fading on the front gives this jacket a lived-in feel. 

Subtle pleats add shape to this otherwise simple jacket.

If it's a true black denim jacket that you're after, consider this one from Levi's. 

An oversized fit makes this perfect for layering. 

Shirt jackets are this season's answer to in-between weather days. 

This cropped silhouette works great over dresses. 

The Kelly green details on this jacket will match all of your green accessories. 

If you're tall, try this jacket with a longer hem. 

Swap your leather jacket out for this inky black denim opton. 

Obsessed with this two-tone look. 

I love the gray detailing and the washed-out hue. 

A slightly frayed hem adds personality. 

Love this moto-inspired silhouette.