These Are the Best 16 Black Friday Deals on Denim

Black Friday can make a fashion girl do crazy things. Less trampling people at Best Buy, more buying something that you don’t need in the name of the deal, you feel? But there’s one category that you’ll likely never regret no matter how the spirit of Black Friday works on you: denim. Yes, this is your green light to go ham on jeans this week. You know you’ll always find ways to wear a new pair of jeans, making it virtually impossible to misstep. (Speaking of missteps, make sure not to miss the two things you shouldn’t buy on Black Friday.)

So, we’ve combed the internet to find you the best discounts from well-known staple brands like 7 for All Mankind as well as indie brands like Genuine People, with a range of silhouettes from classic skinny jeans to trendier wide-leg versions. Once you have your denim of choice in your hands, let us do the styling legwork for you too: Here are outfit ideas for skinnies and non-skinnies too.

Without further ado, if you can’t be trusted when sale fervor hits, shop our curation of the best Black Friday denim deals with confidence. While you’re at it, check out some of our other content on the biggest shopping day of the year, including the best Black Friday shoe deals and Amazon deals.