I'm a Pro Shopper Who's Obsessed With Black Coats—These Are the Best for Fall

The funny thing about this story is that up until seven years ago when I moved to New York from my native Los Angeles, I don't think I actually owned a coat. Jackets, yes (ranging from light to less light), but somehow I got by most of my life without a single piece of outerwear that was required for real fall and winter weather. But, oh, how things change…

Now, I'm practically a collector of coats—99% of which are black. From everyday styles to evening-ready pieces ranging from ultra classic to on-trend and affordable to expensive, I've seen and bought them all. Plus, from the months of October to February, I wear one every single day, so it's safe to say that at this point know a thing or two about the category. Have I sold you on my expertise yet? Then it's time to dive in. Below you'll find the best black coats of the season, according to me. From H&M to The Row, I've got something for every budget and style type so you can rest assured there's no need to look anywhere else. Simply keep scrolling to get started and see what made the cut.

Coffee runs will never be the same.

This is a forever buy you'll never get sick of.

Everyone needs a good trench and this definitely fits that description.

If only you knew the chokehold this coat has on me.

If you trust Nordstrom reviews, then this is a must.

I know this almost doesn't count as a coat, but I saw it on Tiktok and became so obsessed I just had to share.

I love this brand's basics, so I'm betting this coat is a 10/10.

It's impossible not to look cool in this.

I own this coat and have told all my friends to buy it.

The HB stands for Hailey Bieber, and that's all it takes for me to be sold.

You love their linen, now it's time to love their wool.

This brand always delivers on the cool factor.

I love this length because you can wear it day or night.

One of those pieces people will stop you on the streets to ask about.