The 21 Beauty Products I'm Prioritizing in 2020

New Year, new you? Well, yes and no. There's something about starting a fresh calendar that makes me want to start everything with a clean slate, but truth be told, there are some things that are worth sticking to year in and year out.

Case in point, a solid beauty routine. It's taken me a lot of trial and error to get to a place where I know not only what looks good on me but what feels great, too. It only took two decades to realize that I simply cannot pull off a combination winged eye and a bold lip, and, conversely, that I should treat my combination skin with minimal exfoliation and lots of moisturizers. The struggle is real, I know. 

In an effort to celebrate the New Year and embrace the same old me (or at least what works for me right now), I compiled a list of the 21 beauty products I'm actually prioritizing this year, including skin solutions, makeup heroes, and haircare essentials. Consider these go-tos for a top spot on your vanity, shower, or medicine cabinet. They'll treat you well all year round. 

The 12 Beauty Products I'm Prioritizing in 2020



This lightweight luminizer is key to a radiant 2020. 

When dark spots happen, I reach for this cult-favorite YSL concealer. 

Why go for a good mascara when you can get a great one for less than $20?

Pair this cheeky stick with the above mascara, concealer, and luminzer and you're good to go—seriously. 

But you can always add a little subtle drama with the right eye shadow palette. 

This setting powder with SPF is an absolute must-have for touchups on the go. 

Boost your inner glow with some outer shine. 

The 12 Beauty Products I'm Prioritizing in 2020



It's 2020. Wearing sunscreen every day is non-negotiable.  

Take off all of your makeup with this micellar water. 

I really wish I knew about these in high school. 

For that good, clean-all-over feeling. 

If you're into dewy, moisturized skin, this HA intensifier is going to be your new best friend. 

The Rich Cream is worth your investment. 

This cold cream lip balm formula is a must, especially on icy winter days.

The 12 Beauty Products I'm Prioritizing in 2020



My fine hair is finally happy thanks to this streamlined volumizing kit. 

Think scalp care isn't chic? Think again. This set is so soothing and smells lovely, too. 

Cut your blowdrying time in half with this smart vented paddle brush. 

I've been using the same basic blowdryer for a decade—time for an upgrade!  

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