11 Beauty Trends From Every Fashion Week City That Have Me Totally Bewitched


Growing up, I'd tirelessly devour the coverage of every fashion week around the globe. When the time came, I'd spend hours combing through designer looks, pinning them to my wall for inspiration, and most importantly (and now very relevant to my job title), lusting after the out-of-this-world beauty looks that seemed to get better and better every year. Not much has changed. I still follow fashion week coverage like it's nobody's business and I also keep a very well-rounded Pinterest board of looks spread across beauty and fashion for the occasion.

You'd think by now there isn't much left to do creatively in the world of makeup and hair that hasn't already been done, but fashion week always challenges this notion. I'm always both surprised and delighted by the runway beauty looks created—whether they're a tad unrealistic for everyday wear or not. To give you some insight into what beauty trends are brewing for the upcoming spring/summer season, I've pieced together some exciting patterns spotted on the runways of each major city from New York to Paris and Milan. I know, you're dying for a sneak peek. Think heavily lined lids, strong metallics, and a hefty dose of glitter. Keep scrolling for more, including a few products to re-create each look with.


(Image credit: ImaxTree)

Spotted at Bibhu Mohapatra, Dur Doux

To kick things off, let's start with New York's hottest trends. Lined lids were a huge hit. I'm not just talking lightly lined here—they were très dramatique this season. Normally, liner is reserved for the inner corners, outer corners, or along the lash line, right? Well, this time around, models were sporting eyeliner either in place of eye shadow or atop their shadow. It's definitely a unique take that's easy to re-create at home using a solid gel or pencil liner.


(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Spotted at Badgley Mischka, Christian Cowan, Naeem Khan, Marrisa Wilson, Dur Doux

Chalky pastel colors also took center stage in New York as models sported rainbow hues on both the lids and even the entire face. It's definitely bold, but if you're wanting to add more of a grainy, chalky feel to your look, it's fully on-trend.


(Image credit: ImaxTree)

Spotted at Marrissa Wilson, Peter Do, Rebecca Minkoff

Sparkling facial embellishments were a hit, with everything from glitter brows to extra-large hair beads that form a crown. Facial piercings also made an appearance with extra-flashy nose rings front and center.


(Image credit: ImaxTree)

Spotted at Apujan, Edward Crutchley

Facial embellishments were trending in both New York and London this time around. The runways in London, however, definitely took it to new heights with artistic crystals, bold, winged chin accessories, and decorated glasses.


(Image credit: ImaxTree)

Spotted at Halpern, Bmuet(te), Ancuta Sarca

I do a little dance every time disco-style makeup makes a comeback. Glittering accessories, sequin eye shadow looks, and of course, glitter was highly prominent on the London runways, too. 


(Image credit: ImaxTree)

Spotted at Paul Costelloe, Bmuet(te), Chet Lo, Simone Rocha

Instead of the chalky, sooty colorful looks we saw in New York, London models came fully adorned in radiantly bright shades on the face. Particularly, hot pink dominated the runway with both smoked-out eye looks and some with magenta-hued eye shadow darkened around the lids.


(Image credit: ImaxTree)

Spotted at Anrealage, Christian Dior, Dries Van Noten, Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood, Louis Vuttion

Paris took winged liner to a whole new level. From chunky black lids to thin, crisscross-style liner, there's a vibe for everyone. You can even do a colored liner for an extra pop of color.


(Image credit: ImaxTree)

Spotted at Chloé, Dries Van Noten, Elie Saab

Heavy metallic gold and silver eye makeup in Paris made for an adventurous and eye-catching look. Thick, gold eye paint makes a statement but you can also opt for a lighter, barely there silver shade just below the brow as seen on the models at Elie Saab.


Spotted at Andreādamo, Cormio, Genny

This favorite trend of the bunch came out swinging in Milan. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a stardust type of look. Pair a shimmery shade with a touch of glitter around the eyes for a look of celestial wonder.


(Image credit: ImaxTree)

Spotted at DSquared2, Daniela Gregis, Etro, Moschino

Brightly colored lips made a strong appearance in Milan as models sported every hue from pastel yellow to a two-toned raspberry look. I love the idea of pairing an electric color like purple with another shade like Barbie pink.


(Image credit: ImaxTree)

Spotted at Francesca Liberatore, Faun, Giorgio Armani

You can never go wrong with a bronze, smoky eye, and runway shows across Milan really leaned into this. It looks truly beautiful on all skin tones and can be dusted all over the lids and below the brows or placed on strategic points of the lids for a subtle glow.

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